The SW Experts | How to Dominate a Man in Bed
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How to Dominate a Man in Bed

How to dominate a man in bed

Many women like a man who takes charge in the bedroom. What happens when your man tells you he wants you to take the reins and dominate him in the bedroom? Have no fear ladies, I’m here with a step by step guide to teasing and pleasing him in the bedroom. You’ll have him on his knees in no time!

Confidence is Sexy!

how to dominate a man in bedThe first step to being dominant is being confident. Ladies, there is nothing sexier on a woman than confidence. The first step on how to dominate him in the bedroom starts with your self-confidence. This may take a little practice and a mirror, but it’s well worth it. You have to be confident in your own skin. You have to be confident taking charge and telling him what you want and what you like. You have to be confident in teasing him and giving him what he desires. So, how do you gain confidence so you can dominate him in the bedroom?

  • Put on your sexiest lingerie
  • Put on your sexiest, highest pair of stilettos or boots
  • Put on the sexiest make up you have ever dared to wear. Go all out and take some tips from porn stars. Sexy eyes and glossy lips.
  • Now stand in front of your full length mirror and say all of the dirty things you can think of. Go ahead, no one can hear you or see you. Just try it!

Guaranteed you not only feel confident and sexy, but you turn yourself on!

Use His Fantasies and Fetishes to Your Advantage

If he has a fantasy of being dominated by his female boss, or having his hot wife catch him with his pants down while watching porn, then play into it. If he has a stocking, silk or bondage fetish, use that to your advantage as well. The key is to find out what really gets him hot and then use that to dominate him in the bedroom.

Mr. Sports Fan has a stocking and heel fetish and he loses his mind when I wear them and talk dirty to him.

Be Demanding

Fem Dom is more about the submissive person than it is the dominant one. Your partner MilfShaggers.comwants to please you, in fact he desires it. So go ahead and give him what he wants by dishing out demands. Make him ask you, “Mistress May I,” before allowing him to touch or kiss any part of you. Command him to orally worship you while you stand over him. Demand that he get on his knees like a good boy and kiss your ass. Command him to sit and watch you pleasure yourself and he can’t touch you or himself at all.

Final Advice on How to Dominate Him in the Bedroom

My final advice to you is to remember to have fun, relax and enjoy. You should have a safe word just in case someone isn’t enjoying themselves anymore. It’s also important to remember that this is about pleasure and fantasy. So explore your dominant side with a trusted lover and be sure to communicate in advance what your limits are as well as your desires.

Now go dish out those spankings! Mistress demands it!