The SW Experts | How To Find Lasting Love Online
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How To Find Lasting Love Online

Natalie Moore - how to find lasting love online

Have you been frustrated by online dating?

Have you tried this, quit, then tried again because it’s even harder finding lasting love offline? And what’s the deal with all those online success stories? Are they real?

I ventured into my own online dating experience with very little information and few tools. I was naïve. I would invariably get frustrated. I could generate activity, but I was definitely attracting the wrong kinds of men.

I knew that some people did find great romantic partners on sites such as and eHarmony, so it was possible that I was doing something wrong. Maybe I needed to change my approach. I started analyzing what I was doing, using my common sense, a great deal of research, and my post-graduate training in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I discovered that in order to have a fun and successful online dating experience, you needed three things: specific skills, discipline, and a positive outlook.

When you go on a journey, you first learn about your destination. Then you make reservations. Last, you pack your bags. You don’t just wander into a random airplane and hope for the best. Well, going on a dating site is just like going on a journey. Why would you need any less preparation?

After my research into what worked with happy couples, analysis, training, and my own ultimately successful online dating experience, I wrote the book IT’S A MATCH! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love.

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I’ve learned the truth. There are certain ways of thinking and behaving that will help people succeed on their journey to finding lasting love. And finding lasting love is possible for everyone. Yes, that means you!

Finding lasting love, true love—“The One”—is easiest and most efficient when done online. You just need to know how it’s done.

IT’S A MATCH! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love teaches readers how to make their online journey successful and fun. You’ll learn that online dating is a “game of skill.” Those with the right skills find what they want.

So if you’ve been frustrated with your romantic experience online, and you’re tired of making wild guesses and floundering in an ocean of online possibilities—ending up with a few rusty cans and old tires—don’t be discouraged. Those bad experiences just negatively reinforce your belief that things won’t work out for you.

Remember, you attract what you project, and you attract what you are. Change your mindset and your limiting beliefs, and you can change your results. IT’S A MATCH! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love shows you how this is done. Tell yourself that it’s possible for you to find true love online, and your chance of ending up as a part of a happy couple that met online vastly improve.

Show the world your best version of you.

Tell your truth! Truth in advertising and communications is your best policy. Your real love will want you just the way you are.

Your profile and your pictures are your introduction. Take the time to do everything right. Put effort into writing your profile and taking a realistic but attractive photo. Show the world that you’re seriously looking for the appropriate person to become your life-mate.

The purpose of your online profile and photo is to get you a first date. (Yes, you’ll actually get to know them in person later on.) This first date is similar to the conversation you might have when you meet an interesting person in your neighborhood coffee shop.

Keep things light and interesting. Mention why you’re unique. Keep your tone upbeat. If this conversation goes well, you can then elaborate about what you’re looking for in a mate. With online dating, you’ve usually immediately made clear that you’re looking for a committed, long-term relationship or marriage. And doing this early in your relationship is ideal. You’ll weed out anyone not looking for a genuine mate. Online dating can be wonderfully efficient.

With both your words and your photos, remember that you’re advertising for a mate, not for the kind of relationship that will fizzle quickly and end. Make sure that your cover picture is a headshot showing you at your best with a smile on your face. That will invite them in. For you women: no pictures in a bikini, and no showing a lot of cleavage. For you men: no pictures of you flexing your muscles, and please wear your shirt. Certain types of pictures will only get you a random hookup, they’re advertising for sex, not a mate. And, please, no selfies!

I’m assuming that finding true love is your priority. Treat this like every other important priority in your life, and have the discipline to look at your account every day for at least an hour. You can spend your time answering emails from likely prospects, going through the daily matches that the site has sent to you, and performing your own searches. You can flirt and have fun.

Enjoy every interaction and every person you meet on your journey. Be ready for both success and failure—there can be many twists, turns, and bumps in a road. You’ll meet some wonderful fellow travelers… and each step will bring you closer to your destination: your own high-level love match or even finding your Divine Partner. Your search might take you six months or six years, but you will find “The One.”

For more tips and guidance in finding your own true and lasting love, buy my book, IT’S A MATCH! The Guide to Finding Lasting Love available as an ebook on Amazon. Download Kindle Reader app for free, for easy reading on any device.