The SW Experts | How to get a QUALITY date in 30 days or less…
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How to get a QUALITY date in 30 days or less…

How to get a QUALITY date in 30 days or less…

 How to get a QUALITY date in 30 days or less…

Never spend another Christmas ALONE…


Getting a date nowadays is relatively easy for most of us – right?


You can go online, swipe to the left and swipe to the right…eventually you can make a hook up happen…


So, once it’s on and feeling all twinkly you slip on your best red heels, twirl your hair and get ready for Rrrromance with a capital R!


You step out into the cold, tell your best friend that you can’t make it tonight because you have a hot date with Mr Right and you hope he’s worth it.


And then, heart all of a flutter, butterflies in your belly and brimming over with anticipation you open the door of the wine bar, the suspense is killing you…


You look around, where is he…?


There are a few couples all cozied up, a woman alone waiting for someone and…


NO, surely not…it CAN’T BE???


Your heart drops into your stomach and the butterflies all turn into creepy crawlies and that horrible feeling of yet another disappointment hits you like a sledgehammer…


He smiles and waves and it’s too late because he’s seen you…


The gap between the handsome devil in that sexy photo that he posted from 10 years ago and the chubby, balding midget hopping around at the bar is so vast that you seriously considering reporting him to Trading Standards.


And now you are doomed to an evening filled with dull conversation and lots of wriggling as you try to avoid his touchy feely fingers until you can escape to the loo and come up with a viable exit strategy?




Don’t waste anymore of your precious time on this nonsense!


You do NOT NEED to date the undateables!


I am going to show you…


How to get a QUALITY date in 30 days or less!


You do not ever have to endure a bad date ever again!


Find out how to date men who right now you might think are way out of your league..


Here are my 3 Simple Steps to getting a QUALITY date in 30 days or less so that 2016 can be the year that you find AND KEEP your Soulmate!



If you are consistently going on bad dates it is for one reason and one reason only.


YOU are not in alignment with the best and most confident version of YOU that you can be. Once the sting of this reality subsides and you can fully ACCEPT that it is you who needs to change then you can rejoice and feel happy because this is GREAT NEWS!


WHY? Because you can change yourself – you cannot, however, change anyone else, and so this means that all is not lost!


So, start now by writing a list of all of your assets, think of it as if you are the product and you are being asked to market yourself? What is unique about you? What do you have to offer? Think internal –not external, nice bumps will get you laid but will not get you a relationship, in fact often the more attractive you are the more difficult it will be for you to connect authentically. If you find this hard to do, if you feel stuck and squirmy and embarrassed then this is the first clue that you really need to do this process.


NOW. Make a commitment not to go on any dates with anyone unless you are sure that this person is worthy of your time! How? Skype them, call them a few times first and ask key questions, be direct, be honest, be blunt –this is SEXY to other people, it shows confidence and an awareness of who you are.

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Accept that if you really want this to work and you really want to find some then you will need to do the following things:


  1. This is going to be a full time job, accept that this is a numbers game and you might need to meet 1000 people to find the right one for you.
  2. Accept yourself as you really are, flaws and all, celebrate your quirks, ramp up the value of your inner qualities such as warmth, kindness and enthusiasm.
  3. Be prepared to let go of people who are not quite right even if it means staying home alone or feeling lonely, disappointed and empty.



Now it’s time to take action. But not trawling through dating sites from the comfort of your living room, you need to get out of your comfort zone, talk to people in public, ask questions, be open and friendly, get over your fear of being seen as silly. Once you start you’ll be amazed at the new and wonderful people who start to show up your in your life. Put your phone away, look up and around, smile, connect to others, your future mate is potentially all around you – everywhere!



I have a 100% success rate with helping men and women to find their IDEAL PARTNER on my private coaching program.


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