The SW Experts | How To Give An Amazing Massage
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How To Give An Amazing Massage

How To Give An Amazing Massage

Hitting the Right Spot Every Time

We’ve been enjoying massages for as long as anyone can remember – and they’re a great way to get in the mood.
A massage is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day – and it’s also a brilliant way for a couple to reconnect. Taking the time to soothe your other half’s aching muscles and helping them to de-stress is sure to make them forget all about their problems and get them in the mood for a whole evening of fun. So how do you go about giving your partner an incredible massage? Don’t worry – it’s all covered in this essential guide.

All oiled up

Firstly, treat you and your partner to some massage oil. Not only will the oil make the massage easier, but choosing a scented one will heighten the senses and really get your partner ready for some fun. Silicone based lubricants are a great option too – they last for a long time on the skin and have a silky, non-sticky feel. There are even some candles out there that melt into massage oils – perfect for a little temperature play.

The right touch

Massaging your partner is the perfect way to become attuned with what they do and don’t like. Start off slow, and gradually build the strength of your touches. Listen to your partner for those little clues which tell you that they’re enjoying themselves. The more relaxed they start to feel beneath your hands, the better you’re doing. Let your hands linger and occasionally wander too – hinting at what could possibly come after the massage is over. Focusing on your partner’s pleasure like this is really rewarding when you see just how much they’re enjoying their self.

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A little help

Hands can really work miracles, but sometimes there’s only so much they can do. Which is where vibrating massagers come in. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they can be used on men and women alike. The Octopussy Massager has eight ‘legs’ which will deliver incredible sensations, and thanks to its round head, can be held in the palm of your hand. The Beetle Massager’s four massage balls will be able to get into all of those tense spots – and plenty more too.

Pay attention to the surroundings

When the time comes for your partner’s massage, set the scene. Feeling relaxed in their surroundings is key to someone getting the most out of their massage. So tidy away any piles of laundry, empty cups and any other mess that’s lurking in your bedroom. Once it’s all tidy, put some soft, fluffy towels on the bed, light some scented candles and play some soothing music. Who needs to travel to a spa when you can make your own at home?

Rubbing them up the right way

Make sure you both have your phones turned off and your focus strictly on each other. A massage can be a deeply erotic encounter when done right, whether it’s part of foreplay or the main act in itself. Therefore it’s important you do as much as you can to make it an incredible experience for your partner. A little bit of careful planning and some special purchases will help you to do exactly that. So discover your inner masseuse today!