The SW Experts | How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Reading The Signs Correctly
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How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Reading The Signs Correctly

Reading the signs correctly


When you kiss a girl for the first time, it can be a nerve wracking experience. Sexual tension has gradually built up, during the time you have spent with a beautiful girl – whether it is straight after you met her at the bar, or on the first date. I always regard my first kiss with a girl as the gateway to a physical relationship.

It is the one moment that makes you believe you can achieve anything.

However, everyone has experienced episodes building up to the first kiss — the fear of rejection, the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, all of which adds to the excitement!

One quote that immediately springs to mind in this context is:

“You’ve got to be in it to win it”

That is to say, you must have the assertiveness to put your insecurities aside and go for it! This is all part of being a man, so you need to accept this and get with the program. It is extremely rare for a girl to initiate the first kiss.

They will nearly always leave this to you, while thinking to themselves, “HURRY UP AND KISS ME!”. This is why, if you don’t pick up on their signals and fail to make your move, you will come across as a man lacking in confidence.

As with most things in life, it all comes down to timing. Thankfully, she will let you know (subtly) when the right time arrives! What’s more, armed with the following information, you will understand precisely what to watch out for.

OK, let’s get started with the first indicator:


Invading Your Personal Space

You notice that she stands extremely close to you on numerous occasions. Make no mistake, this is a major signal. Human beings are social animals, who instinctively realize that a degree of personal space should be maintained, for interactions to remain comfortable.

Generally speaking, this rule is always observed, unless you are interacting with someone you have an intimate relationship with. Due to this, it is off putting when a random stranger invades your personal space.

However, like I mentioned, if a woman digs you and you have made an impression on her, she will invade your personal space several times during a conversation. Also, she will stay there for quite a long period of time, and wait for you to reciprocate.

Perhaps, in a noisy bar, she will move her face up to yours and whisper a few words into your ear. You will sense the sexual tension, and realize that it is time to take things further.

[Tweet “She definitely wants to be kissed, you saw her pucker her lips! “]

The Whispering Maneuver

Right, the second technique is something I have used successfully on many occasions, to see whether she’s ready for me to step things up a gear. This is how to proceed, one step at a time.

When speaking to her in a noisy bar, at a party or in a movie theater, I do the following:

Grasp the rear of her neck softly, bring her face near to yours, then position your face to the right or left — just like you were attempting to whisper something into her ear.

At this point, there are two things she might do. Firstly, she might back away from you and adopt a wide eyed expression. This indicates that she doesn’t want you to make a move.

Alternatively, she might pucker her lips a bit and relax her eyes. This is extremely subtle, so make sure you look out for it. In the event that she takes the latter course of action, once you whisper some words into her ear, wait a little then try to kiss her when you feel comfortable.

She definitely wants to be kissed, you saw her pucker her lips!



This ruse is a personal favorite of mine. At a club, bar or party, the dance floor will be packed with people brushing their bodies up against one another. In this situation, sexual tension hits a new high. Consequently, this is the ideal time to go for your first kiss.

This is how to proceed:

When you are dancing with her, spin her round to face you then carefully position one of your legs between hers. Grasp her hips, dance to the rhythm, spin her round again then repeat.

Eventually, spin her so she is facing you, position your hips close to hers, and watch out for these indicators. If she maintains full eye contact when dancing with you, this is a major signal in gauging whether it’s the right time.

Watch her lips as well. I sense it’s time to make my move, when she is puckering her lips slightly, or when her lips are raised partially at the edges. It should look like she’s smiling, but in an understated way.

Basically, watch out for any body language that invites you to move closer to her. You should sense that she is almost asking you to kiss her, using only subtle gestures.

I have kissed many girls for the first time on the dance floor. If you don’t know how to dance, learn, then start taking advantage of this technique.

Hopefully, the above advice will have struck a chord with you. All of the above tactics have worked well for me, and should be within reach of the average guy.

Read the information in this article a few times, thoroughly digest it, then get out there and start implementing it. If you were wondering how to know if a girl likes you, just use these three easy techniques.

As you gain experience in reading social situations, your confidence will improve and you will instinctively know when to take the plunge.

Women will sense your confidence, and respond well to it — because it is an attractive trait.

Most guys fail, because they lack the emotional intelligence to realize when a girl is ready for them to make a move. Avoid being the guy who misses out on an amazing relationship with a girl you got on well with, simply because you were afraid!