The SW Experts | How to Properly Take an Ultimate Lover
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How to Properly Take an Ultimate Lover

how to properly choose the ultimate lover

Having a lover is a magical experience, it can be filled with romantic evenings, weekend trips out of town, and some of the most amazing sex of your life.  Now that I’ve enticed you into the idea, you’re probably wondering how you can you find one of your own?  I am glad you asked, because I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know to learn

How to Properly Take an Ultimate Lover

how to properly take a loverTaking a lover is completely different than having a booty call.  A booty call is someone you drunk dial, sleep with, and rarely communicate with.  A lover is friends and romance with added benefits.  This person may be wonderful, but you know full well that they are not going to be your future husband or boyfriend.  Usually they are too old or too young, or from another country or place, the point is that they make sure the time they spend with you is worthy of a romance novel. That means being wowed under the sheets, engaging in intense conversations, lingerie to turn each other on, and craving the attention of each other frequently.

Don’t be swept away by the romance.

The best lovers are usually men who have a great likeness for art and culture.  You could be  invited to gallery openings and tickets to the opera.  Usually they have a great love of women, so when they spend time with one, they cater to her.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a love of woman (as in you) specifically, just the opposite sex.  Understand the difference between grand romantic gestures because he likes you, and grand romantic gestures because he likes to make the gesture.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept the flowers, phone calls and invitations, just don’t start thinking they mean that he loves you, instead, have fun with it. Don’t take everything too serious, go with the flow, and enjoy the relationship for what it is.

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Enjoy the time you spend together.

You can learn so much from a lover, they may be well traveled, well written and well spoken.  The time you spend together can be rewarding and special.  When you take a lover, they will give you a boost of confidence and someone to try your fantasies on.  This is your opportunity to try it everything you’ve ever craved and desired by your sexual partner. The difference between a lover and a relationship is with a lover when you spend time with them you go into a special vortex of pleasure, as if time stops and you no longer focus on real life.  Every date can be like a mini vacation. Vacations are a time to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms, clinging to the sheets, and staying in bed all day.

Allow the relationship to end naturally.

Don’t go into a panic when the relationship starts to fizzle and if your lover is set to leave  in two days. Remember, you’re not in a serious relationship, so just enjoy the time you’re together, and don’t try to hop on his flight.  Every connection isn’t meant to last forever; sometimes you need to learn to end things gracefully and be happy for the amazing time you shared.