The SW Experts | How to ruin a perfectly good relationship in 3 easy steps
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broken heart

How to ruin a perfectly good relationship in 3 easy steps


It’s finally happened for you! After countless “swipe rights” and endless coffee dates you’ve finally found “your person”. The person you believe to be the missing lid to your pot. Your masterpiece! You’ve been single and independent for so long that you’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be in a real romantic relationship. Please do yourself a favor and don’t ruin it! If you don’t want to keep this new flame going here are three easy steps on how to ruin it.

Step one

Involve every single person you know in your relationship. Sure go ahead and tell your Mother, your best friend who you rarely speak to (but gave the title to years ago), your co-workers, and finally your caring yet oh-so nosy neighbor. Involve everyone in your fabulous date details, your relationship disagreements, and let’s not forget your amazing energizer bunny sex life. Stop right there! By giving outsiders a front row seat into your relationship you’re setting yourself up for what would be known as a disaster. Not every detail should be discussed. Your private matters and battles you should be fought together to strengthen your bond. Plus not everyone will be thrilled about your new relationship and their poisonous advice could ruin your happiness.

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Step two

Don’t be considerate! Your world is and will always be the focus. Your time, your goals, and whatever else it is you feel that’s more important than sharing in your partner’s life as well. Don’t think about their time, schedule, or life! In your new relationship you’re the only one that matters. Try going this route and you’ll find yourself exactly where you started. Back on a dating app!

Step three

Act way too cool! Yap you’ve got it! Keep your Facebook status to single, don’t post any of their pictures, and act like you’re still dating multiple people. It’s ok if you’re not because you still need to act cool, so you don’t appear like you’re actually falling for this person. Don’t answer their text messages right away even if your phone is glued to your hand as always. Please don’t answer their call either! Acting way too cool, like this person actually doesn’t matter to you will eventually have them thinking they don’t! Soon it will be goodbye you! Guess what? You can be cool all by yourself again!

Your assignment will be to do the complete opposite to keep your new relationship alive. Now that you know how to ruin a perfectly good relationship in three easy steps please avoid these mishaps! Try keeping your relationship to yourself for a change, be considerate, and don’t act too cool! You deserve an amazing relationship!