The SW Experts | How to Understand What a Man Wants
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How to Understand What a Man Wants

How to understand what a man wants

Just as with trying to understand women, understanding what a man wants is complicated. Most people remain focused on understanding women and the documentation available in relations to men is not that great. That is basically because of a lack of interest and the belief that men are much easier to understand. This is incorrect. If you take a look at the 10 ugly truths related to men, you will quickly figure out that there are many things that you do not know.

Making a man happy is not something that is simple and it is a necessity if you want to be happy near him. We are faced with some similar facts that can be highlighted when comparing men with women and what makes them happy but there are differences. At the end of the day, the truth is that we are all happy in different ways and what is really important is figuring out exactly what makes us happy and what makes the individual happy. You can think about the wish to dominate a man but that is not exactly what should be a main priority as communication is what is vital in any relationship.

The Relationship With You

Some studies highlight that one of the happiest of all moments inside a woman’s life is when she feels loved and is in a happy, successful marriage or a relationship. Women do value marriages at a higher level than men. This is why a woman normally makes much more effort and thinks about many things when trying to make the man happy.

In order to make someone love you, it is important to make that person happy. This is a necessity and you want to understand the man, what makes him happy and loving. If you do that, it will be so much easier to have that wonderful relationship you desire.

If you truly want to understand the man, here are some facts that you need to remember.

Never Try To Change The Man

The secret to a successful relationship is not trying to change the other person. Many women think that they will be able to change the man after they are married or after some time. This is not what happens and such a desire normally leads to various problems that are very hard to solve. Based on professional love psychics help studies, trying to change the man is one of the worst things that you can do.

The man always wants to be himself, especially when with the woman he loves. In the event that you try to change him, he will realize it and will no longer be happy. Whenever a man feels that the woman tries to change him, huge problems appear. Just like happiness, dissatisfaction is highly contagious. If the man is dissatisfied, it will show and he will not be happy.

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Encouragement Makes Men Happy

While the idea is not to change the man, you can easily highlight the traits that you love. The same thing can be said about behavior and actions. As you encourage those appreciated traits, the man becomes aware of the appreciation. You cannot simply assume that a man will guess what you like and what you do not like.

One thing that you have to remember is that men need recognition and validation from achievements. This is especially the case when referring to loved women, especially when there is an attempt to do something for a woman.

When you motivate the man, you will help him open up. He will talk more and will share the facts that are loved and the facts that are not. Just make sure that the praise is sincere.  You do not want to encourage something that you do not like.

Repeated Behavior Criticism Is Particularly Damaging

Criticism will make the man end up in a defensive stance. Instead of trying to find a constructive solution for the problem that appeared, the man can become aggressive and can stop responding to any communication attempt. That is the case even in the event that the man will passively agree to the criticism and will not combat it. At the end of the day a man’s self-esteem will be lowered and that can lead towards a feeling of inadequacy.

Instead of criticizing the man repeatedly, you have to open a channel of communication. Simply talk with the man and tell him the fact that there is something serious that you want to discuss. The way n which you present the problem will be the difference between an individual being happy and being completely miserable.

Remember that conversations in this case can be really damaging when you do not focus on managing the situation in a proper way. If you really want the man to be as happy as possible, you want to show that you care and that you respect his decision.

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If you do want to make a man as happy as he can possibly be, you want to make sure that communication goes on properly. This is the secret to any happy relationship. The man will end up sharing all that he wants, desires, loves and hates if the relationship is comfortable and he does feel like a man. It can be complicated and stressful at times but the truth is that patience, caring for him and talking about all problems in a constructive manner is exactly what is necessary when identifying what men love.