The SW Experts | I Need A Girl – Here’s How to Find One
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I Need A Girl – Here’s How to Find One

I need a girl


You need a girl and want to find one.

Wait, say that again. You need a girl… You NEED a girl. Ah, there’s your problem.

WARNING – Desperation Mode

If you are telling yourself you need a girl, you are already putting yourself in desperation mode. And that is the worst place you can be. Women can smell desperation.

If you sincerely want a girl, which I assume you do, you should try to put yourself in the best state of mind to attract her. You cannot do that if you come from a weakened position. Time to strengthen yourself so you never have to say…

“I Need a Girl!”… Here’s How to Get One.I Need A Girl - Here's How to Find One

The first thing to do to put yourself on the road to dating success is to get yourself in the right mindset. Get the entire idea of NEEDing a woman out of your head.

You need air, water, shelter; but you want a woman. No air, you suffocate. No water, you   dry up. No shelter, you freeze. No woman? Well, you may not be particularly happy, but no, you will not die.

So get that out of your head. Need makes you weak, unattractive. Desire can be a powerful attractor when used correctly. But just like any ingredient in a recipe, too much will ruin the dish. Just as too much desire can cross over to the “needy” category.

Let me give you an example. In Hollywood, wannabe actors show up every day thinking they will be the next big thing. They do what they think is the way to make it – they hustle and push and force their way in to every face that they think can hire them.

When they do that, everyone knows they are newbies. They may be very talented and incredible, but nobody will give them the time of day because they come across pushy and needy and who wants to work with that? But then as time goes on, they chill out, relax, and lose the desperation factor. That’s when they start working. I know, because I did it.

Just like the newbies in Hwood, if you are feeling that you NEED to get a woman you will end up pushing what you desire away from you.

So it is time to chill and turn yourself into a magnet for what you want.

First, realize that the woman you want is out there. In fact there are thousands that will fit your criteria and be attracted to you as well. See my article on that HERE.

Focus on YOU for awhile. Give yourself a month of no dating at all. This is your time. Do only the things you enjoy doing and learn some new stuff. You will improve who you are and become a happier person. Happy = attractive.

Drop the expectation. Learn to go with the flow in life. If a woman is not attracted to you, so what. Remember the hundreds of women that out there looking for someone like you. You just have to get out of your own way and allow her to find you.

When you can finally relax and lose the desperation factor, your life will change. You will be more attractive naturally. Women will no longer smell the needy aroma wafting from your psyche.

So, lose the desperation, embrace your own inner awesomeness, and allow things to happen. Good things. Roll with whichever way the wind blows in a calm, cool, and relaxed way and I guarantee that you will be more attractive and the ladies will notice it.

Keep Spicin It Up!

Spike Spencer