The SW Experts | If He Says You’re Just Friends Believe Him
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If He Says You’re Just Friends Believe Him

If he say you're just friends

Ladies, if a guy tells you that you’re just great friends please believe him. This means he does not view you romantically, he’s not attracted to you in that way and you are firmly in the “friend zone”.

Now, even if he talks to you all the time on the phone and shares his personal stuff; even if he opens up and shares his hopes and dreams for his future; even if he asks for your advice, you’re still in the friend zone.

When guys tell you that you’re just friends that is what they mean. It’s not code for “I secretly find you attractive”, it means he doesn’t see you as girlfriend material.  And even if you’re friends with benefits, you’re still not the one. So stop with the benefits. You know you can do better than that.

I know this might seem really basic but you would be surprised how many women think that he’s just shy, but deep down he really wants a love relationship with her.

Some even think he deep down loves her but just doesn’t realize it.

Free your mind. Free your emotions. Let it go. He’s really not that into you.

In fact, you’re probably great friends but you’ve caught feelings and you need to back off and give yourself some space.

Don’t be so available for the long phone calls. Don’t be so ready with the advice and help and understanding.  Don’t be so available to hear about his dreams for the future.  Instead, start working on your own.

With all that being said, there is one thing you can try.  Because life is too short to at least not try for something you want.

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Drop the friend approach. Drop the friendly attitude. Amp up your sex appeal and lightly flirt with him. See if there’s chemistry. Don’t talk to him the way you’ve always spoken with him but adopt some mystery and treat him like a person of interest. See if he responds. If not, keep your dignity and call it a day.