The SW Experts | I’m Married and Dating
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I’m Married and Dating

im married and dating


About a year after our second child was born, I hit an emotional wall and had no idea why I was suddenly so damn irritated all the time. The smallest things drove me nuts and I found myself rolling my eyes waaay too many times throughout the day. I took a step back and assessed my life, daily routines and how I was spending my time trying to find the problem that had me sitting so close to the emotional edge. It took a few days of staring at the list I’d made before it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. The only thing missing from my life was time alone with my husband. Not ‘hey it’s after dark, the kids are finally sleeping and Hubby wants to get laid’ time but actual, real time alone to be who we were before kids!!

We found a sitter and started scheduling weekly date nights the very next day and haven’t looked back since. Six years (and another kid) later, I’m positive that it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve tried tons of amazing restaurants, seen a laundry list of movies and concerts, mastered paddle boarding and have a sex life you should be jealous of. We now go out twice a week and I swear the more often my husband wines and dines me, the hotter he looks and the more action he sees. By taking a step back from so much time at home we rediscovered ourselves and each other and our collection of sex toys has grown exponentially bigger!!

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It didn’t take long for my husband’s overall demeanor towards me to go back to the way it was when we’d first met. Gifts and surprises started arriving for me more frequently, they’re way more romantic and some have been down right hot and sexy. YES!! So many people we know complain regularly that they rarely see their spouse without kids screaming in the other room and that their sex lives are almost non existent. We always reply with a wink and a smile and tell them it’s easier than you think, shut up and start dating again!!