The SW Experts | Is Chemistry Crucial on a First Date?
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Is Chemistry Crucial on a First Date?


Sparks, my friends, sparks.  They’ve got to be there.  I’m not talking about drooling over your Vanity Fair cover of Brad Pitt or the latest Ryan Gosling rom-com.  I’m talking that when a man or woman is perched across the table from you, sipping their wine or favorite beverage, looking longingly into your eyes, you want to be staring longingly back.  Am I right?  Is chemistry crucial on a first date?  I wouldn’t necessarily say “crucial” but I’m not going to lie – it sure helps.

The Truth About Chemistry

Listen, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that chemistry can come in all shapes, sizes, and people.  While someone may not register on the “bubba bubba” scale of hotness, you can still feel that chemistry —that ZAP! or bolt of lighting—with someone who woos you with the same passion for your favorite obscure indie film.  Or, he holds the door open for you as you get into the car, and you think, “Ok, he may not be Clark Kent, but he’s my own Superman!”

[Tweet “I’m really attracted to you and according to the Laws of Gravity, you’re attracted to me too. #pickuplines”]

chemistryI do believe that chemistry can grow.  When I was in my 20’s, I used to go out with someone once and if I didn’t feel an immediate attraction, I would not want to go out with him again.  But now, as I near my 40’s, I feel as though you need to spend some quality time with someone to realize if you have chemistry.  I personally believe there is a difference between sexual chemistry and relationship chemistry.  Ultimately, you want both.

So, my advice is simple: if you think there is potential, give someone a second try.  It’s fabulous and amazing if you feel chemistry on the first date, but if you don’t  and still think there could be something there, go out again!  As I’ve stated before, it only takes one.