The SW Experts | Is It Lust, Love, Or All Of The Above?
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Is It Lust, Love, Or All Of The Above?

s it lust, love or all of the above.


Is it 6:30 yet? Geez! You keep watching the clock as if time has traveled any faster than the last time you checked it 45 seconds ago. You know that in a few minutes you’ll be able to leave cubicle purgatory to see the one that you have fantasized about all day long! The “sexting” between you two has been going on for weeks and it’s already gotten pretty hot and heavy. Tonight’s date is exactly what you both need! You’re nervous and anxious.  You have this jittery feeling in your stomach, but you’re not quite sure if it’s a case of romantic butterflies or obnoxious indigestion from this afternoon’s lunch. Tum’s anyone?  You take a quick peek in the mirror and you’re off! How can you tell if it’s lust or actual love that you’re feeling? In your dating life you’ve been down this road before, and this time you want to make sure you know the difference. Here are three keys to help you decipher and unlock the love versus lust codes.

1. Lust my friend’s is physical and love is mental. Picture this: You haven’t seen your girlfriend’s in over a month. They’re dying to hear about the new man you’re dating and how things are going so far. Somehow you can only describe him in a physical manner. His amazing eyes, his gorgeous hair, and the fast car he drives. They’re asking for details about where you feel this romance may lead. You keep bringing up the wet and wild sex you two just had. Stop right there! Yes you! You’ve guessed it, you’re in lust. Physical attraction to the person is important, but it’s not the end all be all. If you’ve been on more than 3 dates, and you have nothing more than their derriere, or the romp you two just had in the shower to discuss then you have a serious case of the “Lust’s”! Needless to say this person hasn’t quite penetrated your psyche yet. So at this point the farthest they can take you is their sheets. Bed, bath, and well at this rate you will not make it to the beyond part!

2. Lust only lasts for a moment but love can last a lifetime. We all know that the person at the gym who does 150 squats has the best gluteus maximus you’ve seen this side of Maxim magazine, but this same person also has the worst attitude known to man. Sure he or she looks great in a pair of jeans, but the way they treated the waitress at the restaurant will say and tell you a lot more about their character. When they can no longer wear those jeans because physical beauty fades, you’ll be left with their heart. The heart is the true measure of the person.

[Tweet “Lust my friend’s is physical and love is mental #loveorlust”]3. Lust is a one-sided feeling and love is an all over emotion. When you’re in love your toes feel it. You’re friend’s know it. You’re glowing. You’re nicer to almost everyone. I can go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point or know the feeling. Lust is like that annoying quick pit stop you make at McDonald’s because you’re so hungry you’ll eat anything! After you fulfill your appetite you’ll kick yourself later for settling on a Big Mac when you could’ve had a meal that was more sustainable and nutritious. In other words love will not make you feel bad or question whether or not you moved too quickly.

Love is absolutely beautiful.  Lust is great when it comes to physical attraction, but nothing beats hanging in there for the long haul. That’s where love comes into play, takes over and last longer. Know the difference! I want to hear from you! Let me know about your lust, love, or all of the above story!

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