The SW Experts | Is it possible one night stand turns into love?
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Is it possible one night stand turns into love?


Does one night stands ever lead to a successful relationship? You may be ashamed to say it but let’s face facts: One night stands are becoming more and more common these days. You may not even be going out looking for one and it may still be the result of your good, relationship-minded intentions. Some men/women would not want to have anything to do with each other after a one night stand. But can a one night stand in some cases turn into love and a relationship? And what do you think would make someone have a relationship after a one night stand?


What do you do after a one nighter?

Can you really turn it into something serious? Is it possible after a one night stand to be born a special connection? The answer is yes, if you follow these rules… Sometimes it may seem like getting into a relationship is almost impossible. That  gets even harder when you wake up next to a one night stand. But if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to take a moment of bad judgment and turn it into something much more…

  1. Communicate. After sex start talk. There’s no more awkward a moment than waking up next to someone you just had sex with that you don’t even know. It was a one night stand. What do you say? If you want more than just that one night of sex, you need to address the awkwardness with some humor and make your intentions clear. Take her out to breakfast. See if you match up for more than a night and put in the effort. It may result in exactly what you were hoping for!


  1. No more sex. Forget sex for a while to get to know him/her better. If this is going to be a real relationship, it can’t just be about sex. The worst thing is to keep having more sex. Jumping back into bed only takes you back to the one night stand. Besides, if you want a relationship, don’t treat her like a booty call or ongoing fling. Respect her and yourself – and control your urges.


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  1. Give a change of a second date with him/her by having a romantic dinner this time. Research has revealed that starting off a relationship with sex can sometimes be better than waiting to be more intimate before indulging in it. Sexual intercourse can in fact help you to open up to each other more easily, should you so wish to. When you are more frank and intimate, there is less pretence and you can expect to start off a relationship in all its earnestness.


  1. If you keep thinking about him/her after the night you spend together then something more than just sex is going on. When you share sexual pleasures with your partner for the first time, sparks fly. Sometimes, these sparks refuse to die away the next morning following the encounter. In such cases, the partners might feel an inseparable attraction towards each other. This would trigger more and more meetings and sexual escapades and could even develop into a casual relationship.


  1. If you find your sex partner to be a comforting friend, going ahead with a relationship with him/her could seem just right. You never know…

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