The SW Experts | Is online dating good or bad for your sex life?
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Is online dating good or bad for your sex life?

is online dating good or bad for your sex life

You might think that with such a wealth of apps and dating sites now available to us, it could only be a good thing when searching for your next partner or just some sexy time…

But is this true..?

There seems to be no end of choice when it comes to dating tools both mobile and online.  Forums, dating sites, adult hook-up sites and mobile apps.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.

So what should you bear in mind when looking to itch your next scratch or search for your next prince / princess?

Is online dating good or bad for your sex life?

Too many tools in your box can be a bad thing.

It’s very tempting to sign up to more than one site or utilise more than one app.  In doing so you never actually spend enough time on either.  Writing a compelling profile, putting up some quality pictures takes time.  Not to mention the time actually connecting with people on the sites themselves.  A scatter gun approach will mean you are less likely to hit your mark.

Too many princes and princesses can mean you end up with a frog.

Just about everyone is guilty of having a vision of their ideal man or women when searching online.  After all, there are so many out there so why not?  But what does that mean in reality?  Everyone online dating good or bad for your sex lifewants to date a super model, but are you actually punching way above your weight?  Targeting your next date purely based on looks will mean you are less likely to succeed.  Why..?  Because that’s what everyone else is doing.  That David Beckham lookalike or super hot Swedish blonde will already have 100s of emails they are probably not even reading.  Focus your attention on more realistic prospects and you will be more likely to get your golden chalice rather than a paper cup.

Spending too much time online means you never actually live reality.

Social media users are guilty of this too and dating tools are no different.  If you spend all your waking hours swiping, checking out hot profiles and sending messages you are forfeiting more traditional ways of meeting new people.  You have to reach a balance with actually going to social events, following your favourite hobbies or even just taking a walk in your local park.  “Well I can do that while I’m using an app” I hear you say.  Well true you can, but are you actually aware of the people around you who may be trying to give you a cheeky glance or chat you up?  Mobiles have become a barrier in conversation, especially between people you don’t already know.

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Getting loads of offers for hook-ups is a good thing if that’s what you are looking for?

Well is it?  Sure if you are looking for a one night stand, all of those offers can leave you with an endless supply.  Is hook-up sex that great though?  For most people it leaves them feeling empty and unfulfilled.  It soon becomes tiring and in the mean time you have potentially missed out on a great guy or girl in your area that could develop into something more special and blow your mind in the bedroom.  Getting late night drunken calls from all those brief encounters can be a problem later on.  Imagine the scene, you are rolling around in bed with your ideal partner and your phone just won’t STOP ringing.

Using dating tools is a great way to meet people outside of your normal social circles.

We all work longer hours and go out less.  The days of going to your local bar, chatting to a hot girl or guy and potentially going home with them are now rarer than before.  When used wisely dating apps and websites can be a great way to meet new people.  But before you start, begin with a goal in mind.  What do you want to achieve and who are you looking for?  It’s too tempting to just jump in and start dating with no idea.  Then when you meet someone great you have no clue what it is you want from them.

What are your experiences of dating online or mobile?  Please do share them with us and leave a comment below.