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its going down im yelling tinder


its going down im yelling tinder

Well… you will never believe what I have done.

I…. freaking joined Tinder! Ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Something I said I would never do. Ever. And my neighbor convinced me along with some wine and here I am.


I’ve had it only a couple of days. It’s already working my last nerve. Not going to lie, it’s fun but it’s a lot. Very overwhelming..

I know nothing about the app, or what I am doing. So this should be fun.

My mama asked me the other day “Why haven’t I gotten a blog post from you in a while?!” I said because I haven’t blogged. I’ve been pretty low key. No dating. Nothing exciting until this weekend.

I was having coffee with some girlfriends Sunday morning and catching her up on my life since I saw her on Wednesday…. We were laughing because everything I will blog about happened since Thursday….. haha… ugh y’all just wait.

Anyway, back to Tinder. Obviously some great stories to come from it. A couple of the guys have discovered my blog from Instagram… I knew it wouldn’t be long until I had something to blog about and of course, Sunday, I got my first chance.

As a girl

You match a ton of guys. You just do. Guys are way less picky (and girls are too when drinking wine…I’ve already seen a couple of wine-swipes the next day) So as a girl you kind of get your pick. That part IS nice.

I started talking to a couple of the guys. You get so many messages you forget who is who ..well atleast I do..and I happened to only give my phone number to 2 guys. I figure you can block a number now so easily on the iPhone if I need to, so whatever.

On Sunday as I was doing laundry and putting clothes away – I bought a dress from Forever21 Saturday and I was hanging it up and on the bottom of the bag had John 3:16. That was so cool to me. I googled it and apparently they are known for doing this as Christians run the company. I love that!

So I posted it on my social media

[Tweet “It’s already working my last nerve #DatingApps”]

Since joining Tinder

I have gotten about 30 followers on Instagram, which is fine, but I’m sure the guys will be very disappointed as I don’t post a selfie every day or half nude photos. Mine is pretty boring. Beach, yoga, outfits, my dogs, etc. Nothing revealing or anything. My Instagram is also public because it links to my blog and I have nothing “private” to hide.

Anyway, a guy messaged me and said “religious?” after he saw my post.

I responded back that I was.

First of all, who do guys think they are being so freaking rude? Obviously this guy is done. I didn’t know him going into the weekend and I know enough now.

But it got me thinking

I will NEVER not admit to being a Christian or loving Jesus. Lord knows I’m not perfect and I stumble and fail daily but I believe. The man I end up with will also believe. We will raise kids to believe. I will always ask this question, and you can take a poll of every guys I’ve dated, I literally ask “Do you love Jesus?” pretty much right away. Again, I do this because there is no point in me getting to know a man who doesn’t see it being important like I do.

But at the same time, if we can grow together to get closer that’s fine also. I’ve dated guys who believed in God but it wasn’t something they invested in before because they didn’t know how.

I know I will lose followers because of posting it but I don’t care.

I know now more than ever that God is testing (I just put texting first… hahaha I wish he would text me) but He is testing me. I can feel it and eventually the right man will come along.

Politics and Religion have a certain place in life. Leave them out of work. Leave them out of friendship but I will not leave them out of my dating life. Ok, maybe politics.. but not religion.

My life has been such a roller coaster the past year with relationships.

I spent my 20’s in long-term/serious relationships. And as a 30 year old, wanting to settle down, I can’t seem to find a good guy to save my life.

People who I thought wouldn’t hurt me, did.

People who I thought I could trust, I couldn’t.

People I thought were good people, weren’t.

I know that’s a part of life. But this past week was brutal.

On Thursday, Whiskey and I completely ended all communication. We weren’t dating or anything but we would still see each other occasionally and I knew deep down I wouldn’t get him to commit so we discussed it and basically he is only interested in building his company and working. Which is fine but still a tough pill to swallow.

Jake, yes, just a friend with a past, lied to me about something (blog about it this week…) and then Saturday night I ran into Whiskey as if life needed to be any more complicated. Ugh. Probably the most awkward what felt like 30 minutes, but only a minute of my life.

Then, this. A guy acting like a fool over religion. Are there any decent guys left? I’m serious. I swear I am starting to question it.

I will probably have to adopt at this point.

Tinder is fun. I know it will make meeting people interesting (obviously..) but at the end of the day – I AM OVER DATING.

Until then, me and my 2 neighbors, Lindsey and Corey have Tinder Thursday’s on our porch. With wine. And stories for DAYS.

happy dating!