The SW Experts | A Kiss on the Cheek Means What?
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A Kiss on the Cheek Means What?

Question from reader, Lania…

Last night I went on a second date with a guy I met online, and I have a question. We had an amazing time that included great conversation, a request to see me again next week, and a lot of intense flA kiss on the cheek means what irting and hand-holding at the table over dinner. The thing is, when we said goodnight, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and that was it! I’m not saying he should have asked me to come home with him, but I thought the chemistry present during our dinner would have at least landed me a kiss! Does that mean he’s really not that interested or am I over-analyzing it?

Hi Lania,

First of all I want to say it sounds like you’ve had a great time with this guy, and the fact that you wanted him to kiss you, is a sign that you probably like him! How exciting is the early phase of dating?

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Honestly, it sounds as though he likes you based on the fact that he asked to see you again, held your hand over dinner; and to be honest, he probably just got a little nervous, or wanted to be a gentleman and not rush things along.

Sometimes, guys think that the way to show a woman he really likes her is to show her he’s willing to take things slow. Enjoy this phase of getting to know each other, and looking forward to first kisses! Remember, by taking it slow, you get to truly appreciate each moment for what it is.