The SW Experts | Let’s Talk About Sex Baby
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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Lets Talk About Sex Baby


Have you ever been to an in-home party presentation?  You know the types that show you everything from clothing to Tupperware in your living room?  Well I’m the new-aged version of this Tupperware lady.  Only my Tupperware vibrates, causes extreme pleasure, and if need be gets you pregnant!  I’ve been a Passion Parties consultant for six years.  Talking about sex will never get old. Over the years my parties have gifted me a crash course in dating, sex, and relationships.  I want to share with you 3 major components (what I call the 3 C’s) needed to make first time sex with your new love an amazingly pleasurable experience!



Sex is a powerful tool used to expand and deepen connection with another.  You’ve been dating for awhile, and if you’re not one who wants to wait until marriage then sex is probably next on your list.  If you want to be a great lover and not just a good one you’ll need to feel an all-around connection with this person (mental and physical folks).  Having an amazing connection with someone will increase your desire for them.  You’ll be thinking about their pleasure as much, or if not more than your own.  Spending time together in all sorts of settings will allow you to grow and cultivate a meaningful connection.  Your job here is to make them forget about anyone else they’ve ever been with.  Connection is a must in having mind-blowing first time sex with your new love!



You must be confident in your own skin to be a great lover.  Loving the way you look naked (no matter the size) will help your lover enjoy your beautiful body as well.  Self care is essential in boosting your confidence.  Ladies, say thank you!  Hopefully by now you’ve done a good job of letting him know he’s your “Mr. Awesome”!  When he pays you a compliment, don’t shy away or
refuse it.  Take it!  Agree with him and thank him on his impeccable taste! Gents, shower her with compliments.  Tell her what you love and can’t wait to do to her body.  Make her feel special.  After all flowers require water to grow!

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Ladies, if you can’t verbally ask for what you want then let his fingers do the job.  Studies have shown that over 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm!  That’s a huge majority of women. Meanwhile the other 25% only wants you to breathe on them and “cum” nation begins (lucky gals).  Odds are you’re either one, or dating a 75 percentile woman!  So ladies, let his fingers be your interpreter!  Guide them to where you’d like them to be. Gents do her a favor and pay attention to where she is leading you. Don’t be in such a rush that you miss this golden opportunity.  touchfRound of applause to the women who know how to ask for what they want (you’ve been to one of my parties)!  Once you’ve mastered the finger strokes you can now graduate to using your tongue! If you’re a man who isn’t afraid of Vagina feel free to jump right in!  We salute you! If she doesn’t like it or says no to cunnilingus more communication is needed. Help her to “unleash the beast”!  Need I say more? I believe you can take it from here.

Use the 3 C’s as your blueprint!  Passionate sex with your new love is around the corner!

Happy Humping,