The SW Experts | Lets Talk About Sex
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lets talk about sex

Lets Talk About Sex

lets talk about sex

Yes, Salt n’ Papa had it right! Let’s talk about sex, because this is one of the most important conversations a couple, lovers, and yes even one night stands will ever have. No matter your relationship title you should always talk about sex! Expectations, your willingness, turn-ons, and deal breakers to help the other person know how to please you. Ladies don’t expect him to know what will please you, because you’re the only one who knows those bedroom secrets. Guys want to know what makes you wet, turns you on, and keeps you going. This is important to their confidence and ego, so if they can’t do any of those things for you then they think it’s them, when it’s you! Give them a fighting chance to make your night unforgettable. Even though men connect physically they still have pleasure sensors just like you. So ask him what he likes and how he likes it. I believe what’s fair is fair and you can’t get yours without him getting his, because it’s never nice when only one person gets off.

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Men please don’t assume you know what you’re doing.

Because every women is different. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the job done it’s probably because you’re not! Ask her, what do you like? How can I please you? Something! Here’s a secret about women, we don’t want to hurt your feelings and we don’t like to be disappointed. As confusing as that may be it’s the best way to get through a dry spell, lack of interest, and the dreaded faking it. Take a moment and talk about what you can do for her, and what you would like her to do for you.

Ideas for you both to enjoy.

Toys, lotions, music, chocolate, it’s all a good idea! Cuddle, caress, kiss, and even flirt with one another. It’s called foreplay for a reason, so play with each other! This is a part of the desire that women love to feel. It’s not meant to make you work, but to keep her feeling desirable. No shortcuts. Women like to hear they’re beautiful but don’t let it be the only thing, because it does get old after a while. Men, I’m sorry if this sounds like it’s all on you. Half the battle is getting through to women on talking about sex. Ladies if you’re not enjoying your partner maybe you should stop, and think if there is something not being said. Instead of having unsatisfying sex, and turning to your vibrator tell him where you need him, he will appreciate you more for that. Communication is part of sex so you should share in it to make your sex life better, and most of all have fun!
Have a great one,