The SW Experts | Love, Sex and the Single Parent!
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Love, Sex and the Single Parent!

love, sex and the single parent

Love, sex, and the single parent!  5 steps to help you dust yourself off and get you back in the dating game.

You’re a single parent and have been for quite some time, and now you have this nagging feeling (called your libido) that has you itching to embark on this new journey of dating and diapers! First things first, stop beating yourself up over not being married, or for falling in love with the beauty at the bar that turned out to be a beast in heat! For whatever reason it didn’t work out, knowing that you had the courage to leave a relationship that didn’t serve you is the first step! Now is the time for you to go after what  deserve.

Ok, so that one was a freebie step! These next 5 steps will help you re-evaluate the way you feel about dating and parenthood (yes, they’re mutually exclusive), and hopefully give you a road map when you’re lost and need to find your way. Consider these steps a GPS for surviving the “hook-up” culture with a toddler in tow.

1. Babysitters come in all shapes and sizes! If you are a member of the PTA, Mommy and Me classes, or just have really great friends and family, make sure you enlist one of these thoughtful souls to help you at least once a week for a few hours so you can get the time away to be social! Online dating is an option, but nothing compares to being in the presence of a real person.

2. Diet and dating go hand in hand! Now what does cardio and saying no to sugar have to do with dating? Well first off everyone knows that when you are confident in how you feel and look you will attract those who feel the same way. 20-30 minutes of some form of exercise that you love will help you increase your confidence! Besides, the sex is always better when you like the way you look naked.

3. Have a heart to heart with your children. Children love it when you’re a happy parent!  Let them know they will always be in the forefront of your life and that you have enough love to share with someone who will compliment all of your lives. The munchkins are the priority; they don’t have to know the gritty ends and outs of your dating life, but please don’t involve your potential mates in their lives until your intuition says it’s a go! They’re little hearts are just as fragile as yours.

4. You may strike out but nothing beats swinging a bat when you have a chance. So in the dating world people don’t look like their profile pictures, their jobs aren’t as glamorous as they make them seem, and their credit score is on the low 500 side and improving (yikes). It’s ok to kiss a few toads or toad-ettes along the way, but don’t give up if this is what you truly want.

[Tweet “It’s ok to kiss a few toads or toad-ettes along the way!”]5. Take time to be alone and give yourself time to heal if you’re not ready. No one wants to be on a date with someone who keeps talking about a failed marriage, or their child’s bad report card. If you haven’t done the work that is required to forgive yourself then you’ll have to consider if dating at this time is even right for you. Who eats lemons straight? Yet we all love lemonade! Turn that frown upside down and get back out there. Like attracts like and no one enjoys being in the room with a negative Nancy! Unless, that is of course you’re a negative Nelson and well then you’ve found your match!

So dust yourself off and get back out there you sexy parent you! Your children will thank you for being this happy! Let me know what you think! I want to hear about your Love and the single parent dating success!