The SW Experts | 6 Tips for Meeting the Family for the First Time On Thanksgiving
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6 Tips for Meeting the Family for the First Time On Thanksgiving

This week it’s all about the American holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a chance for couples to meet their significant others’ family for the first time, which is usually really exciting, and occasionally a little nerve wrecking. If you’re looking for a few ways to break the ice, I have a few suggestions.

Meeting the Family for the First Time On Thanksgiving

meeting the family for the first time on thanksgiving1. Bring Something

Bring a bottle of wine, champagne, sparkling cider, box of cookies, a pie, or something to show your appreciation for the invitation.

2. Ask Questions

Ask a lot of questions and show genuine interest in getting to know your partner’s family. You’ll get bonus points for showing interest in what they do for work, how long they’ve been married, how they met, where they went on vacation last year, or how long they’ve been living in their home.

3. Play with or Talk to the Kids

There are almost always kids around during the holidays, and everyone will remember if you’re someone who can take a minute to talk with the kids, make them laugh,¬†show them a goofy magic trick, or just ask them how old they are and what kind of activities they do for fun.

4. Offer to Help

Don’t hesitate to offer your help to set the table, chop some veggies, or load the dishwasher. Be a polite guest!

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5. Be Personable

When you talk with your SO’s family, make eye contact, smile, and be friendly. Don’t forget your social skills no matter how nervous you are.

6. Be Affectionate, Not Inappropriate

It’s more than fine to hold hands, and even sneak in a little kiss once in a while. Do not embarrass your date by going to far with a spanking, grope, or full on make out session on the couch.