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meeting the parents

Meeting The Parents

meeting the parents


Super excited about this post on #MeetingTheParents!! Although it’s short, I think it is full of great information that will serve the purpose of making a good impression on your partner’s parents. So, this post is a small introduction into the importance of meeting your partner’s parents and some of the steps you can take in making that step. I hope you enjoy this read and if it does not apply to you please share it will someone else! Happy reading my beautiful, bold, and charming Women!

The Importance of Meeting the Parents

Meeting the parents of your significant other is a step that most people either take too soon, or not soon enough. Meeting the parents may act as an eminent step to learning the people and environment that nurtured the person you are in relationship with. It teaches you about their likes, dislikes, the foundation of their attitude, personality, and perspective on life. If you want to understand and learn your partner, meeting the parents is what I would suggest you do. While you may think you know everything about your partner because you have “been with them for a while”, you do not. Meeting the parents will show you aspects of your partner that you would not be able to see without adding his parents into the equation.

As a woman meeting the parents of the man in your life can be a scary experience. Many thoughts can bounce through your mind from “Will she accept me?” and ” Will she like me?”to “What if after I meet them I second guess whether I should be with my partner?” Truth is, meeting the parents is a sure fire way to understanding who that person you claim to love, be in love with, and want to spend your life with really is.


Walking up to the house you are most likely extremely nervous. This is a normal feeling. While your significant other is  continually reassuring you that his parents will love you because you are a great person, or because they are nice people, you can’t help but to wonder what you have gotten yourself in to. The most important piece to remember is that you are an amazing person and planting the seed for your significant others parents to like you is pretty simple.


Below are 5 steps to making sure that your meeting with the parents is a success.

1.Compliment his parents on something—anything. Their wardrobe, the house, their son–literally anything. This may seem like sucking up but, if you actually mean it (Which you should) it will seem genuine and authentic and the parents will be grateful for your kind words. You can say something like—“Wow, I see where your son gets his good looks!” (Cheesy, I know LOL ).

2.Offer to help his mom with whatever she may be doing. If she is cooking, offer to help her cook. If she is setting the table, offer to help do that as well. Do something. Don’t ask and wait for her to accept. Say something like— ” I will help you prepare the table and I wont take no for an answer”. It shows your persistence to be helpful even if the event is supposed to be catered toward meeting you.

3.When that dreadful question is asked of you don’t be afraid to answer it. “So, tell us something about you?” Show confidence and boldness. Now is not the time to be meek. Some of the things you can talk about are where you are from, what you do for a living, your goals in life, your family life, and more. Maybe insert a joke because you don’t want the mood to get too serious.

4.Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Don’t be overly interested as if you are trying to suck up to them, but be genuinely interested in the lives of your partner’s parents. Ask them questions about raising their son, their jobs, religion, culture, the news, and more.

5.Last thing..This is most important! Prove that you can fit in with his family by adjusting to their culture and way of doing things. So, if crazy uncle Bert likes to debate, give him the debate of his life. If the family likes to dance to old school R&B after dinner, join the club. If the family talk over each other to get their point across, you yell as well so that everyone knows you are adaptable, and wont be drowned out during family time. Make your presence known. This is the first encounter the family has with you and you want to show them that you can mesh well with them.

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All in all, meeting the parents can be an anxious or even scary experience. But, it can also be a very eye-opening experience. Take your time, smile, follow these steps and don’t forget to be YOU! I hope you enjoyed this post!