The SW Experts | Men Are Not Property
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Men Are Not Property

men are not property


Loyal Husband: “But I haven’t been out with the guys in over a year…”
Wife: “Well….I don’t know.”
Loyal Husband: “Pleeeaaaassseee…. Sammy is in from Denver. We are going to have soooo much fun”
Wife: “Ugh. Here we go…”

It’s your husband. He wants to go do something fun with his friends. He hasn’t been out in months. He is going nuts inside. Dealing with your nitpicking, the screaming child, the house maintenance, the bats…The guy killed 3 bats for you last month! GIVE HIM A BREAK!

Wife: “Oh….ok. You can go.”

His face just lit up, quickly followed by a boiling fear. Thinking to himself, “Is she sincere? Or am I going to get screwed again?”

Loyal Husband: “Are you sure, dear? Last time you gave me permission to go out, you gave me the silent treatment for 3 days.”

You know what I’m talking about, ladies. You give him permission, he asks you several times if it’s okay and you repeatedly say, “yes”…But you DON’T MEAN IT. So he goes out and has fun then comes home and has to pay for it. You make him suffer. You exact vengeance as if he defied a brutal decree. In the following days he hears things like:

“Well…maybe if you were around the other night….(eye-roll).”

“I had to _________ all by myself.”  Followed by the loudest silence he’s ever heard.

“The baby wouldn’t fall asleep because YOU weren’t here for her.”

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So the story goes. This is happening right now all around the world. Imprisoned men are being given a false sense of temporary freedom and then paying for their “mistakes”. Ladies, I URGE you not to give permission unless you mean it! It kills us. The feeling is like no other human emotion. It’s like being a butterfly just set free from its cacoon, only to come back to a deadly spider’s web. The spider then wraps the butterfly up and injects its deadly venom into a great guy who was just looking for a good time.

STOP BEING SPIDERS. Let us have fun! We let you have fun. MEN ARE NOT PROPERTY. We have feelings, aspirations, desires. We have friends. Marriage does not imply ownership. You’re treating us like slaves. If you don’t want us to go out then say it truthfully. I think it’s time to ask yourselves a very serious question:
Did I marry my husband? Or did I purchase a slave?