The SW Experts | Multi Girlfriend Skills that Translate to Prosperous Living
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Multi Girlfriend Skills that Translate to Prosperous Living



There are 4 skills that apply in business and life that a man acquires when he succeeds in maintaining great rapport with multiple girlfriends in his life. How to actually pull this off next to drama free is a story for another day. Right now, I want you to consider the skills it takes and why they will be sharpened by managing several girlfriends at once, like no other avenue for learning can provide.
1. Time Management (powerful men are deliberate men)
2. Honest communication with self and others. (gotta love ’em all the same or cut ’em loose)
3. Ability to discern between exercising discretion and being secretive (no double living)
4. Wise with distribution of resources (your attention is your most valuable resource)

It is simply true that… Whoever is the most attractive in the relationship is in charge. What does attractive mean? It means whoever brings the most value and sense of entitlement gets the veto power.  Hopefully, this sense if value is mutual, thus there is a healthy play of balance between the parties involved, no matter what type of relationship arrangement it is.

In a sexual relationship it is especially important that one person isn’t lording power over the other if things are to go well and have a long term potential for on-going sexy. If one or the other person feels his or her value is greater or less than the other over a period of time, this is dysfunctional and that is not what I mean by being attractive. Nor is that what it means to be successful in life and love.

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It is also true that…
Men, at their core, are designed to lead with their desire, and women are designed to desire guidance from high quality men.

An attractive man will hold the sexual power with his woman. In other words, his woman is consistently motivated to be in a state of desire, to be led by him, if her man is a very deliberate and respectable.

Men that have real charisma and the SKILL SET to have a harem (even if they never actually run one), but are CHOOSING to be with one special girl, are considered the most attractive, powerful, and sought after, thus THEY always hold the sexual attention of their women.

The skill set a man needs to be successful in a committed long term relationship can be learned through successful management of several women at once. This multi girlfriend skill set is the EXACT skills (plus a few) he will need to navigate his way successfully through a long term relationship with one special girl.

By success I mean he will know how to build rather than kill attraction over a lifetime which translates to:

  •  Sex as often as he likes
  •  Able to keep an enthusiastic (not obligatory nor dull) sex partner
  •  A master of time management
  •  Leads with loving intent as a lifestyle, which creates abundance vs. lack
  •  Be unflappable when faced with female drama (test passing)
  •  Becomes solid in his sense of personal value
  •  Has direct experience with being very deliberate with his attention and experience that is like catnip or      kryptonite to any and all women
  •  Ability to give over energy only to those that meet his standards, thus he is never drained and has reserves left    over for the important things
  •  Embodies true confidence in his very being and work life
  •  Holds himself in high esteem as do his male peers
  •  Women respect him,are loyal to him and lend him their gifts out  of their own internal motivation.
  •  His life is full of charm and depth

A high quality man lives his life in alignment with the skills he will need to have many girlfriends at once, or over a lifetime, even if he chooses to be with just one special girl forever.  To be frank, the dude that doesn’t take the time to developed these skills BEFORE he gets into a long term relationship…well, to put it delicately, that dude is fucked…. and not in the good way.