The SW Experts | Navigating The Bitch Matrix To Get The Relationship You Want
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Navigating The Bitch Matrix To Get The Relationship You Want

navigating the bitch matrix

Men prefer clarity in their relationships—not tactics and bullshit. This is your DNA, yet you have been settling for sub-par treatment from women in order to have a relationship. There is nothing wrong with knowing you have your life together and wanting a woman who is on the same level—No games, facades or guesswork. Rescuing damsels in distress or women waiting for a fairytale is beneath you.

Relationships aren’t always easy, but they’re not meant to be so much work that you have to do a 180 degree turn from who you are to accommodate a woman. There are just some things that should not ever be compromised, nor should you place yourself in a position where you are doing all the compromising to keep a woman happy.

Bitch tactics 101

Punishment is used as a means to solve problems or communicate. Never encourage or engage in this behavior – It’s basically rejection. Withdrawing or withholding affection or her time is the equivalent of a child pouting over not getting their way. Never reward this bad behavior with your precious time and attention. In fact, you should dump her immediately. I’m no mathematician, but I’d venture a guess that it’s statistically impossible that you are always the asshole in every situation. Do not let yourself be convinced otherwise.

She’s not actually working on herself, yet she has time to point out your flaws—and probably the flaws of just about everyone she knows or even strangers. Anyone who has that much time to think about what’s wrong with everyone else is in need of serious self-reflection. Deflection is a tool that insecure people use to avoid a spotlight on their flaws. If you are constantly trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong and how to make her happy, you should run Forrest run and not stop until you’ve made it to a safe distance.

Direct is not the same as aggressive. A grown ass woman will be direct and you will know what her expectations are. A bitch will cram it down your throat and make it an ultimatum. Relationships are not supposed to be like negotiating for hostages or an arms war. A bitch can’t compromise or ask for what she wants like a grown up. It simply doesn’t work for her unless it is absolutely 100% her way. You might as well put your balls in her purse yourself, if you accept this as normal dating behavior.

The use of words like high maintenance, princess or self-proclaimed bitch status should make you shudder. If she actually refers to herself as a bitch you should probably take her at her word and then promptly dump her. Princesses only exist in movies and actual monarchies. Unless she’s a cartoon character or comes with an ancestry from royalty —she is delusional. If she was meant to have servants and an entourage, don’t you think she’d already have one?

Bait your hook for what you want to catch.

If you enjoy emasculation and living in an episode of the latest housewives—keep dating bitches. Be prepared for a life time of table flipping and heel stomping however. If you want a partnership, with an adult—stop putting up with bullshit. There are 7 billion people on earth. Why would you limit yourself to a chosen few?

[Tweet “The use of words like high maintenance or princess should make you shudder! #datingadvice”]If you were upgrading most anything else in your life, you would seek out the best. Settling for bitches is like trading in your smart phone for a bag phone that only works in your car. It’s limiting — just ask Crockett and Tubbs. This is 2015. You can reach to the far ends of the planet to have just about anything you want. You and your choices are limitless. Short of trafficking a wife, you can meet hundreds if not thousands of women near you or a million miles away.

You have to see raising your standards as not just a momentary choice, but a life decision. A call to action that sheds the past and kicks in the door to the future like you’re on an episode of COPS. You are taking out the bad guy and your superpower is deflecting bitches. From now on you will let Disney deal with the princesses and you will flip the script on your own story. Rewrite your desires and edit out the part where you settle.

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