The SW Experts | New Year’s Resolution To Find Love
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New Year’s Resolution To Find Love

New Year’s Resolution To Find You Love

Did you ever notice how the gym is packed the first week of January, and your favorite elliptical machine right next to the water fountain is never available anymore? And that spin class that used to have six people every week now has 38?


New Year’s resolutions can run the gamut from working out more, to drinking less, to eating more kale, to picking up the clarinet, to finding love. Do you notice anything different between the first four items on that list and the last one? The first four can all be easily measured: You can increase your workouts from one to three times per week; you can switch to orange juice sans the vodka at certain parties; you can buy veggies at the supermarket instead of potato chips; and you can take a beginners clarinet class at on weekends. When it comes to finding love, though, it can seem hard to judge your results with anything short of “I met someone.”


The better way to make a resolution to find “the one” this year is to break it down into smaller, measurable pieces. If you’re anything like me, you like to accomplish your goals and be able to measure the results.  (I am a former economist after all, and I still love a good spreadsheet.) Below is a list of measurable (and fun) resolutions for the year ahead that should give your love life a kick-start in 2016.

  1. Join an online dating site, and if you’re already on one, become more active.

Just putting a profile up does not necessarily help with finding love. Being proactive about the process–searing for and messaging people of interest–is what really matters.

  1. Go to one extra social event per month.

The more events you go to, the more people you’ll meet, and the more likely you are to strike up a conversation with a potential mate… or even just a new friend.

  1. Talk to at least one new person at every event.

It’s nice to have a crutch (aka your friend), but try to break out of your comfort zone this year and meet someone new. Plus, it might even make for a good “meet-cute” later. (I once dated someone I met in the hallway at jury duty.) You just never know!

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  1. Give one person you normally wouldn’t consider going out with a chance.

Maybe what you’re looking for isn’t what you think you’re looking for.  You never know if you’ll have chemistry until you meet in person.

In the end, if you use these goal-oriented and step-by-step resolutions rather than simply stating “I am going to find love this year,” you will have full confidence in the fact that you put the effort in and worked towards your goal. Don’t be too hard on yourself, either. Meeting someone takes time, but the reward for working hard now may be a lifetime of happiness.