The SW Experts | Why Your Pick Up Isn’t Picking Women Up
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Why Your Pick Up Isn’t Picking Women Up


Let me guess, you’ve read all the classic pick up books, done lots of self improvement seminars, even bought some of those home courses that promise you can do 3 little things and get every woman on the planet to want to jump on your jublees at the mere sight of you. I know, I have done all the above.

And let me guess further. You did not have anywhere near the success you were promised. In fact, you found frustration, aggravation, and wondered that there really just might be something wrong with you from the start. Again, I know I felt all the above.

And I am thankful for every second of it! And you should be too!

Progress is hard. Learning is a process. Failure is simply a step towards success. I know these platitudes are hard to hear when all you want is a sexy lady wrapped around your gyrating man bits. But they are all true. Really.

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The thing about all the training courses and books on attracting women, is that they all have value. It’s not like they are completely full of crap. Quite the contrary. I have used aspects of ALL the coaching I have sought over my 10 year journey. Even some of the most outrageous brought me morsels and nuggets of goodness that I used for some saucy successes with many different lovely ladies.

If you are frustrated, which I completely understand, you are hindering yourself in all aspects of attracting women. They can sense it easily. And it is not helping you. It’s like you are trying to run a race with a hairy fat man smelling of garlic and desperation strapped to your back. Very unsexy.

Look at your situation from a different perspective.

Take, as they say in the business world, the 40,000 foot view. Stand outside yourself and look at yourself as a spectator would see you. You are a MAN on a mission. You are bettering yourself. Will there be bumps along the way? Of course. But you are DOING something to improve your condition. And that will lead to frustration sometimes.

Just like learning anything, if you are not moving fast enough or having the success you believe you should be having, you will get disheartened sometimes. And that is a GOOD thing! It means you are growing. You are getting better at what you are learning.

When you started to walk, were you great immediately? No. Once you stopped crawling, you were upright and stumbling like a drunken midget bouncing into coffee table edges and spilling milk. Then you could walk, but could you run? Not yet. Once you learned how to use your legs and started to run, then came sprinting, jogging, and of course, skipping. Cause it’s fun. Don’t judge.

The same thing is happening to you right now in your dating life. Do you remember when you started to run? No, it just happened without you realizing it. You were suddenly just doing it! And it was amazing. One day soon you will realize that you are finally “getting” what all the teachers have been telling you. It will synthesize into your DNA. But only if you keep learning and searching.

One day you will wake up and as Neil Strauss puts it, “See the Matrix.” You will realize that you understand more than you think. It will have permeated you on a deeper level. Sound confusing? It is. But when it clicks, it is powerful.

You are actively in the self improvement game. It is only a matter of time till you have more and more success with women in your dating life. The mere fact that you are on that path is attractive to women. They sense it in you. Just don’t let the frustration that can creep in wreck your game. You have to allow yourself to be calm and let them see it.

Don’t worry that some “guru” claims he has slept with hundreds of women. Maybe he has. But do you think he just woke up one day and started banging away? No. Almost every one of those teachers, including me, has a story of how they were frustrated and lonely and had to get their life together and figure it all out with women.

So instead of feeling that frustration seep into your subconscious and scare the ladies away, make friends with it, thank that frustration for letting you know that you are on the right path. And relax. You are doing everything you can to become a better MAN. It will happen in its own time and only when you are ready.

When that day comes, and it will, be ready to start sprinting.
Keep Spicin It Up!

Spike Spencer