The SW Experts | Proof that Wall Street is Booming
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Proof that Wall Street is Booming

proof that wall street is booming

The $1000 Escorts of New York City

By looking at what Wall Street bankers are getting up to in the bedroom, we can see how well the financial sector is doing.

Wall Street is the heart of the global financial sector. It’s where the fortunes of the world are made and lost. In recent times, we’ve seen more loss than gain. The global financial crisis of 2008 saw Wall Street become a shadow of its former self. Newspapers and business analysts tell us that things are on the mend now, but what if there was another way to see if Wall Street was on the up?

It’s a pressurised work environment

To put things into perspective for us in the UK, New York is similar to London in many ways. It’s full of high-flying businessmen who like to work hard and play even harder.

In the office, it’s all about business. Working in finance is pretty tough, especially after the 2008 crisis. The world’s attention remains fixed on Wall Street, so you could say that it’s a job with its fair share of pressure.

So when these men leave the office, it’s all about pleasure. While things may not be quite as debauched as the events depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street, the Big Apple is still a place for those with a taste for living on the wild side.

The men of Wall Street want to let off a little steam, preferably in beautiful company. With a busy career comes precious little time for relationships though, so what’s a guy to do? Call an escort of course!

The escorts

There are many escorts working in the area but the most intriguing have to be the ones who have risen to the top of their field.

Svetlana moved to New York with just $300 to her name and soon found herself in the company of the Wall Street bankers. Another escort, Chelsea, moved to Manhattan especially to join the escorting profession.

Both of these women offer a service that’s earned them a reputation as two of the best escorts in the city. ‘Part therapist, part escort’ is the description offered – and that’s exactly what the men of Wall Street need.

As well the physical intimacy, they want to be able to talk about their lives and enjoy themselves away from the office. Like we said, it’s a stressful sector to work in. By providing a service like this, these girls are able to charge an astonishing $1000 an hour.

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Their rates prove Wall Street is on the up

The more money the bankers are getting, the more they are going to spend on an escort, Chelsea says. So by looking at how much escorts are earning, we can actually get a pretty good idea of how Wall Street is doing.

During the financial crisis, Chelsea said that she and her fellow escorts saw a dip in business. Things have been looking a little rosier since then. Chelsea said she knew things were on the up at the start of the year – or rather, bonus season.

Confidence boosted by a big pay packet, the men of Wall Street went looking for a girl to celebrate with.

The improvements in the economic situation in America has possibly already started to have a knock-on effect in the UK. Suzanne Kent, the Founder of Suzanne’s Escorts, says that she has also experienced a slight up-turn in business in the past few months. She said: “men are starting to feel more financially secure, but once again, under more stress, and are looking for a fun release.”

After a stressful week in the City, having a few drinks in the company of an escort provides a fantastic way to unwind without having to spend the evening with work colleagues.

The escort barometer

While it may not have seemed the obvious place to look, the fortunes of these escorts actually give us a pretty good indication that Wall Street is booming again.

After all, $1000 for an hour long appointment isn’t exactly a small investment. So when you are next flicking through the business pages of the newspaper, think about the escort barometer.

If anyone is going to be able to tell us about what’s going on in the financial capital of the world, it’s going to be one of these ladies.