The SW Experts | Public nudity and flashing – is this a new fashion?
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public nudity

Public nudity and flashing – is this a new fashion?



One of the internet’s great benefits is that it can make us feel like we live in a much smaller world than we actually do. It can make us feel closer because you can connect with someone living halfway around the world in an instant. The internet can also open your eyes to subjects you’ve never considered before, like a potential rise in public nudity. If you direct your browser to sites dealing with such things you might think it’s become a new fad, but you’d be a little off the mark in that assumption.

Public Nudity is Largely Cultural

Being nude in public and being comfortable with nudity in general are largely cultural. You won’t find many topless of nude beaches in America, but in many European countries they’re as common as McDonalds. This is largely because attitudes about nudity in America are puritanical, where in Europe there’s far less concern with the effects the sight of a naked body might have on someone. Before the Berlin Wall fell down East Germans used public nudity as a form of rebellion and were thus far more comfortable with it than their West German compatriots after they were reunited.

Thrill Seekers Get Naked in Public

America’s discomfort with public nudity is precisely why so many people practice it. In the 1970’s nudist colonies were a popular way for people that felt they were outside the mainstream to express that. Those have since waned in popularity, but there are still lots of men and women that like getting naked in public simply because it causes shock and sometimes outrage. Then there are the ladies that like doing a quick flash for their partners because it’s naughty. A sexy upskirt no panties look is a great way to drive a man wild and lead to an evening of energetic lovemaking between them. They might even extend their play to public fornication.

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Public Nudity Is a Good Thing

Generally, when a society at large is comfortable with public nudity it’s a positive. This is in large part because a repression of nudity and the body shaming that goes hand in hand with it is sexually repressive and that’s almost always bad. Human beings are designed to want and love sex because it leads to reproducing, which is ultimately our purpose, at least from an evolutionary standpoint. Body shaming and issues with nudity can lead to all sorts of unpredictable sexual deviancy, none of which is productive or healthy. Getting naked in public is not necessary to a healthy sex life or approach to sex, but being unashamed of your body and being okay with nudity is essential to a healthy life, so embrace it.