The SW Experts | Top 3 Reasons not to Fall in Love with a Married Man
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Top 3 Reasons not to Fall in Love with a Married Man

reasons not to fall in love with a married man

When it comes to dating there are all types of players. You’ve got the single men, who like the single life right up until they need a warm naked body, which they may or may not be forthcoming about. Then there are the men who are in open relationships and looking for a new woman to throw into the mix. What I can at least appreciate about this scenario is the honesty and boundaries, which should be a part of any and every relationship you’re in. The last group of men roaming the interwebs are the very topic I’m going to address. They’re married and the ones you should avoid like the plague. I don’t care if he was up front with you or decided to let you fall for him before he divulged his true relationship status: taken for life. These are the men you run from like you’ve never run from a man before and here’s why:

Top 3 Reasons not to Fall in Love with a Married Man

1. He’s lying.

avoidmarriedmenIt doesn’t matter what he tells you, it’s a lie! I think it’s too easy to say men cheat purely for sex. For one, I’m not a man so I have absolutely no idea how they think or what they’re thinking, but the word on the street is that sex is at the top of the list. So when I say sex is likely what he’s after it could be that he wants variety – maybe he wants to up the kink and isn’t comfortable expressing that to his wife, or he’s simply not getting enough of it. Unlike women, men have the uncanny ability to separate sex and love. Whatever he tells you the reason for stepping out on his wife is, it’s but one piece of a much larger picture you’ll never have the full view of. This is one of those times you’ve got to go with your head and not your heart and avoid this man like the plague!

2. He’s using you.

You’re the equivalent of an extracurricular activity. You’re there for and at his convenience. [Tweet “Are you there only for, and at, his convenience? Why you should avoid #marriedmen #dating”] There’s one thing married men don’t have a lot of and that’s time. Does he respect your time? More than likely he doesn’t. He expects you to give him what he wants, how he wants and like it. That’s what makes you different from his wife that he promised to honor, love and obey. You? Not so much. Think of yourself as a stress reliever. I can think of a multitude of other ways to blow off steam none of which include playing with your emotions. It’s easy to get swept up, and while there is no doubt in my mind you’re a catch, you shouldn’t be investing anything at all in a married man. I know he’s trying his best to make it hard for you to see that he’s going to use you up and spit you out, but that’s exactly what he’s going to do!

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3. Slut Shaming.

There’s a double standard when it comes many things concerning men, women and sex. A woman sleeps with a lot of men she’s a slut. A woman sleeps with a married man she’s a slut. What about the man?  Well he’s either getting high-fived or talking his way out of whatever mess being with you has created. Some men are habitual cheaters and are better at getting away with it than getting caught. Eventually things have a way of catching up with you. Stop justifying why this type of relationship is okay, because it isn’t. You know it, he knows it and society has a nasty habit of throwing the woman in this equation to the wolves. Don’t let a man ruin your reputation and mark you with the scarlet letter when there are so many other good unmarried guys out there!

Have you dated a married man? Can you vouch for why this is a horrible idea and why you should avoid married men?