The SW Experts | Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients
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Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients


#1 Falling in-love should be the foundation of all coupled relationships. What does courage and confidence have to do with it?

You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you buy into the idea of being IN love instead of evolving in your ability to BE love.

In order to successfully and joyfully share resources well, divide workload and live in close quarters, requires human beings to be able to access a pure form love consciousness. This can of course be in combination with feelings of falling in love and emotional attachment but is something far more in-depth and awake than any feel good/bad emotional state. It requires a conscious choice, a courageous choice. Real choice requires a wealth of confidence. Courage comes before confidence.

In order to have a mature long-term perspective about life, one must have confidence in knowing they have fully examined all options possible. In addition, they must feel confident they can choose any of these options without being bullied, outcast or shamed in all the subtle and not so subtle ways, including home culture, religion and the larger current cultural norms, for their choice. For a choice to truly be a choice, it must be devoid of any feelings of social pressure or being stuck in a circumstance somehow.