The SW Experts | Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients
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Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients


#2 The only real marriage is one filed with the courts. If it isn’t submitting to a court order, it isn’t fully committed.

You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you get into a legal contract with the government that you can lord over your partner’s head or at a minimum, will always be a subtle “threat” in the backdrop of your relationship.

This especially comes into play if you have kids that need care and material goods. This contract essentially forces your partner to do their part… or else. This also requires a lawyer and facing a social stigma of being a failure as a human being somehow, if it doesn’t go well. Avoiding the mess of a break up will then become the motivation of many to stay, thus creating more suffering on the planet than lovemaking.

Are we coming together to create a corporation that produces suffering as its main product or our we building a love factory that is pumping out awesome in our relationships and in turn, the world? When anyone feels stuck or trapped or even EVER ONCE has the fleeing thought that they will stay due to the mess of getting out of the legal contract, then they are not there out of true choice but rather a sense of obligation. Obligatory living is passionless, purposeless living.