The SW Experts | Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients
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Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients

#3 There is only one type of sex; the sex I already know about. Why would anyone want to have a full body orgasm anyway?

You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you refuse to expand your knowledge and personal capacity about sex and intimacy.

Stay ruled by you biological sexual drives, as if still in adolescence instead of learning about and developing a conscious way of experiencing your sex life and you will guarantee a diminishing return on your mental, physical and emotional health. Your inability to offer the healing gift of Next Level/Grown Up sex to your partner will de-motivate them and cause you to have an underlying sense of not being enough. All of us have a little voice that says, “Is this all there is to this? Isn’t there something more?” that we either respect or suppress.

Suppression leads to repression, which leads to all types of disease, rotten festering and death of cells as well as spirit. If you allow you sexually to stagnate and live in an illusory expectation that the one way will somehow continue to be satisfying and inspire enthusiasm, you will set yourself and your partner up for disappointment, depression and disconnect.