The SW Experts | Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients
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Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients

#4 The natural next step is to have children so that must bring automatic sense of purpose and connection, right?

You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you have kids because that feels like what you are supposed to do next to fit in and feel whole.

Having kids thinking that will bond you as a couple and/or before you evolve into a fully-grown up, orgasmic life with each other is a recipe for disaster. If we put this in terms of our elementary grade school system you can think of it this way… if your relationship is a C- then it will become a D or F after you have kids, if it is a B or A before then it will be an A or A+ after. Having children to “lock in” a relationship is a socially sanctioned and a form of child neglect/abuse, so when you think about it, not much good can come of creating a completely new human for this reason.

Additionally, If a woman isn’t opened fully as a sexual being then her birthing experiences are very likely to cause her trauma not bring empowerment. Men will set themselves up for more work to re-open their woman to him if he doesn’t learn how BEFORE she gives birth. In many cases, he may never fully recover. his woman’s capacity to open to him if she births his babies in trauma and fear instead of surrender and flow.