The SW Experts | Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients
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Recipe For Relationship Suffering – You Will Need These 6 Key Ingredients

#6 Relationships are only successful if they last forever and stay the same as when they started.

You will have more suffering than peace in your relationship if you indulge in the illusion and dream that how things are now can somehow stay just as they are forever.

The only thing we know for sure is that things will change. Change is the nature of things but humans find this to be scary. Our egoic mind tries in vain to create stability though possessiveness, hoarding and compulsive thinking and behaviors. Relationships filled with joy and passion, take change into the utmost of consideration. They respect and embrace change. They are constantly investing in their personal growth and re-negotiation, on the daily if not hourly on the conscious contract between them.

There is no implied contract or often no legal contract between those in a vibrant, fulfilling relationship. Their contract is living, breathing and never implied. There is a choice actively being made to stay each day in great long-term relationships. A relationship can last a long time but was it happy, joy filled and deeply satisfying more often than it wasn’t?