The SW Experts | Revamping Your Dating Life In 2016
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revamping your dating life

Revamping Your Dating Life In 2016

Revamping your dating life

Being alone sucks, especially when all of your friends are getting in to relationships and you just can’t seem to get your dating life back on track. It’s amazing to think though that your future partner, the person you could grow old with or having the best times of your life with  is somewhere out there wondering around waiting for you.

So how do you meet them? And could it be possible to speed up the process? That’s where I come in. I’m about to share my amazingly quick checklist that will up your chances of finding that special person in 2016.



First, plan a day where you go out and get a nice outfit, find a good cologne/perfume and get a decent hair cut.

You would be shocked how many people ball through life without ever learning what style, hair or smells suit them the best.

I mean come on we all know that smell, style and hair are keys for making a great first impression. Yet we ignore it and settle for mini detoxes that never work and pay a fortune for cosmetic surgery.

Get rid of excuses and spend part of next year’s time and money learning about your own style, from what suits you, to what you enjoy and feel comfortable wearing.



If I’ve learned anything about attraction it’s that passion is as sexy and as refreshing as that freshly made cup of coffee on a chilly winter morning.

You can be that cup of coffee to someone’s cold morning. You’ve just got to honestly answer these questions then kick their asses with action!!

  1. Where do you want to be in 5 years? (Job, Living arrangement, Partner, etc)
  2. What kind of person do you want to be with? (Personality, Looks, Hobbies, Etc)
  3. How can you become the type of person that can achieve the above?

Reflect, make a plan of action with obtainable goals aimed at your answer to question 3 and if you need more guidance read The One Thing by Gary Keller, an amazing read about achieving extraordinary results from your passion.

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When was the last time you opened a conversation with a complete stranger?

If you want to stand any chance of meeting that gorgeous someone, your answer needs to be “today”…

“Why?” You may ask.

Talking to strangers doesn’t just improve your confidence, open you up to new experiences and help you meet that special someone…

It gives you the skills you need to hold strong conversations with people you don’t know, making it easier to show your true emotions without stumbling, getting nervous and rambling on.

“But I could never just talk to a stranger?”

You can, trust me. I used to be the guy who didn’t leave his home for weeks on end, without seeing a single soul. I was almost scared of the outside world.

So, if I can break the loop and start talking to strangers in coffee bars, clubs and even shopping centers. I know you can too.

Tip: If you suffer with anxiety and can’t imagine talking to strangers, try meditating it worked wonders on my confidence and anxiety and I saw results within a few weeks.



Some of us want unquestionably naughty sex, others are in search of “the one”, and some just want fun. Before you embark on your love life revamp take a second, what do you want? MR/Mrs right? or Mr/ Mrs right now?

Basically you’re unlikely to find “The One” at the same places you would go for careless sex.

And when you’re just “seeing what happens” you are like a person who’s heading to a supermarket with no idea what they want or need. You may get something nice… But will it be what you were looking for? Probably not.

So before you start looking, know what you want to find.

Now go ahead and attack all of these things with that vengeance I know you have in your belly and make next year the one your love life will never forget. Have a Happy Christmas, Oli x