The SW Experts | Is He a Sexy “Bad Boy” or Rude Douche Bag?
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Is He a Sexy “Bad Boy” or Rude Douche Bag?

is he a sexy bad boyWhat is it about those sexy “bad boys” and the magnetic pull they have on women?

They are appealing in so many ways, but what qualities do they have that make them craved by so many women?

How does he differ from the rude douch bag? When it comes down to it, there are 3 ultra hot qualities that sexy bad boys have, and are common traits in some great guys, and those defining features allow for a distinction to be made between him and a rude douche bag, who should be avoided at all cost.

If you’re dating someone new, and you’re curious if you’ve found someone worth pursuing, or you’re wodering if you should end it right away, here’s how to tell…

Is he a sexy “bad boy” or rude douche bag?

How does he dress?

Sexy Bad Boy

He dresses well, has a little scruff, and might be a little rough around the edges. He likes to ensure that he looks put together and cares about his appearance, but does not make a big deal about it.

Rude Douche Bag

He is obsessed with his appearance and spends more time trying to look “sexy” than you do! Run!

How does he communicate with you?

Sexy Bad Boy

He might not be the worlds best communicator, but when he spends time with you, he gives you his undivided attention and let’s you know he cares about you.

Rude Douche Bag

He doesn’t call or message you unless you do so first, and when you’re together he frequently checks his phone. You don’t feel important or valued by him.

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How is he in bed?

Sexy Bad Boy

He knows how to give and take, might be adventurous, a little kinky and open to trying new things. He might like to spice things up with some role play or a spanking, but he always makes sure you enjoy yourself as well.

Rude Douche Bag

He’s much more of a taker than a giver, he might be kinky as well, but not know how, or just might not be interested in learning how to please you or ask you what you like.

Now you know…go for the sexy bad boy, but avoid someone who is self-obsessed and inconsiderate!