The SW Experts | Signs He’s Really Into you on a Second Date
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signs he's into you on a second date

Signs He’s Really Into you on a Second Date

signs he likes you on a second date

Your first date was AH-MAZING and now you’re facing the prospect of date number two with the hot guy of your dreams. You know you like him – but what are some signs he’s really into you on a second date?

signs he's into you on a second dateInstead of getting nervous or wondering how to recreate the magic of your first date, it’s time to take a breath. There’s no need to put that kind of pressure on yourself. Dating is all a process. Have you ever been really into a guy and then by the third or fourth date you weren’t interested any longer? This could happen, so don’t get too invested before you really get to know him.

If you’re looking for clues as to how he feels, because you’re really excited about him and want to know if he still seems interested by the second date, there are ways of finding out. You just have to pay attention.

5 signs he’s Really Into you on a Second Date:

1. He is paying attention.

You’ve already done the get-to-know-you thing, so now you are seeing what each other remembers from the first date, and finding out more about each other’s personal histories. If he’s interested, he won’t let things like his phone or other women walking by be a distraction. He’ll make eye contact, listen to what you say, and ask you questions. He’ll remember what you said before, or at least he’ll try. He’ll want to show you he’s present, and that he’s really engaged with you.

2. His body language.

Is he leaning in or touching your arm? Does he make eye contact and hold it? Does he pay attention to what you are doing? If he’s talking with body language, you know that he’s interested.

3. He’s respectful (and maybe still a little nervous).

He’s not just looking at his watch, hoping to get through dinner quickly to see if he’ll get laid. He doesn’t buy you drinks hoping to get you wasted/ pissed. He treats you with respect, and doesn’t get distracted with checking his texts and emails or figuring out his next move. He might also be on his best behavior, hoping to make a good impression. If he’s a little nervous, that’s a good thing.

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4. He wants to make plans.

Does he mention a concert he wants to see in the near future? Does he suggest taking you to his favorite local bar? Does he want to make you his signature fish tacos, or talk about his weekend plans for the upcoming month? If he drops hints that he wants to include you in his future by talking about his plans, that’s a sign that he is interested.

5. He follows through.

This is key – the follow-through. He texts or calls you after the date because he wants to make sure he sees you again. Plus, he’ll want to see you sooner rather than later because he wants you to know he’s interested before another guy comes along. Since everyone’s on Tinder – you have to move fast and show your interest pretty quickly, because people move on. If he responds quickly, he’s a keeper.