The SW Experts | Simple – smart ways to capture his heart…
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Simple – smart ways to capture his heart…


You are in love… you feel so happy but you are trying to find ways to capture his heart every day more and more. The thing is that you don’t know how. Here are some simple things you can do in case you want to keep his feelings alive…

Cook for him

It is always true that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook his favorite dishes and surprise him with a candle light dinner. He is likely to be a huge fan of your food and will always crave for it.

Wear sexy lingerie

Obviously the idea of lingerie came for men and not women. If you want him go mad over you then simple put on your super sexy lingerie and seduce him. Do it gracefully and make sure you don’t look like a tramp or things will take U turn.

Give him his space

The key is to avoid being clingy. Live your life and let him live his life. He will feel proud that he has a confident, independent and smart girlfriend. Don’t just be his mother or act like a spy. He has his own life and you have your own life.

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Appreciate him

Always appreciate his values and thoughts. But don’t be just a follower and express your thoughts freely. Guys love to be appreciated for what they are. You must acknowledge your guy’s good habits.

Experiment with him in the bedroom

When sex life gets boring, men try to find someone else to play with. Be playful and use your imagination. Don’t be afraid.

Become a friend and be a good listener

Men don’t talk much but when they do, listen. It’s truth that one wants a boring partner, talk and make sense with a little bit of humour…
In conclusion, a man’s heart, when open and ready, is truly beautiful, and easy to touch when you know and are being yourself. Your truth and emotional availability are what will truly win a man’s heart. A man’s feelings begin in the heart of his mind not the heart in his chest…