The SW Experts | Six Easy Ways to Start Feeling Confident and Sexy
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Six Easy Ways to Start Feeling Confident and Sexy


Feeling sexy is so much more than getting your hair and makeup done, or wearing your man’s favorite outfit. It does not mean looking like a porn star or have to have anything to do with sex itself. The ability to feel sexy is built on self-confidence, self-love, and being happy in your own skin. If you want to feel sexy for your boyfriend or husband you have to start by feeling sexy for yourself. Trust me, they will notice! Here are my tips for getting that confidence kicked up a notch.

Wear Clothes you Love

Wear clothes that make you feel hot. I am not talking about mini skirts and high heels either. I have a baggy sweatshirt that falls off my shoulders and makes me feel like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Does my husband think it’s the sexiest outfit ever, no probably not, but he does notice that I dance around the room when I am wearing it and he enjoys that. When you dress sexy for yourself, you exude confidence and everyone will recognize and appreciate it. Wear those yoga pants that make your butt look amazing or that teal tank top that shows off your eye color, whatever makes you feel good!

Get Away From the Mirror

This is so important. The amount of times I was feeling confident until I spent way too long looking at myself in a mirror is insane. It becomes a game of find all the flaws and the hairstyle you were rocking suddenly looks silly and your tummy is sticking out more then it should. You are the only one who will notice these little things so do not allow yourself to get mirror-conscience. Do a quick once over in front of the mirror, and then walk out the door. You look fierce, and everyone will see that!

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Learn to Take a Compliment

When someone says they love your hair today, learn how to just say “Thank You!”, there is no need to say how messy it is, how bad your split ends are, or to diminish the compliment. People give compliments because they mean them and you should be happy to accept them and allow them to boost your confidence. Stop trying to find faults in yourself, you deserve the positive attention!

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Feeling sexy goes way beyond how you look on the outside. Its all about how you feel on the inside. Music is a great way of bringing out your sexy self by allowing your personality to shine through. Whether it’s putting on some Britney Spears and doing your best “Slave for you” imitation or rocking out to some heavy metal, music can bring out your inner confidence like no other and put you in an amazing mood.

Wear Sexy Underwear

Who cares if no one sees it but you, it’s all about how you feel! Wearing cute matching undie and bra set underneath your work uniform can make you feel like you have a sexy secret that no one else knows. You may even walk a little bit more confidently (or that could be a wedgie!) and flirt a little more.

Get Active

It’s amazing how quickly you can start to feel good when you start exercising. Even before you lose a pound or see any difference in the mirror, you will feel better. Your posture will improve, you will like the way you look more in your clothes, and you will feel proud. All this will lead to you feeling sexier than ever. Finding activities that boost your confidence and get you fit at the same time can change your life.

Simply put, you should not be sexy for other people, you should feel sexy for yourself and that confidence will shine through. Wear makeup that makes you feel good, wear clothes that make you happy and do activities that let you shine. All these things will lead you to a confident and sexy life.