The SW Experts | Six Sexy Texts Every Nice Guy Should Send
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Six Sexy Texts Every Nice Guy Should Send

6 sexy texts


When you’re a nice guy, the last thing you want to do is offend a girl. Or at least, that’s how a lot of nice guys feel. That if they actually communicated how they feel about a girl sexually, that she’ll get offended. That she won’t talk to you anymore, or that she’ll find you to be creepy.

Ew. Who wants to be labeled as creepy? I mean, really. It’s such a dirty word, and not in the good sense, at all.

Let’s be clear, when I say for you to send sexy texts to girls, I’m not saying to be creepy or weird. I’m saying to be sexy, and if you’re a nice guy, it’ll be perfect. All women are looking for a nice guy, and even for the ones who are on the fence about you, sending off one of these texts will seal the deal for you.

6 Sexy Texts Every Nice Guy Should Send

A few caveats first before we get started…

What we’re making sure to do is get your feelings communicated to her in a stealthy way.

That’s the beauty of text messages: chances are high the lady that you’re seeing wants to be seen as a lady in public, and that includes when she’s at work. But it doesn’t mean she’s not already thinking dirty thoughts about you before your date.

And because you sent her a little buzz of delight in the middle of her day, what you’ll do is light those thoughts on fire and use them to drive her crazy. Now you’re a nice guy with edge. Just the kind of edge she wants in a nice guy like you.

Next point is that we’re being a bit classy with these text messages. That’s the key in letting her know what’s on your mind; being stealthy about it, and making sure that you’re not seen as being creepy with her.

Finally, these 6 sexy texts every nice guy should send are going to seem too simple at first. You might even look at them and think that they would never work in a million years. Or you might even be too scared to send them off to the girl of your dreams.

First and foremost, these text messages will work, and I recommend you start to send more text messages like these, as girls are dying for a guy to send a text that isn’t so boring.

Second is to just send them! Take a deep breath in, and trust me when I say that you’ll be glad you did. She’s going to see you in a whole new light, and it’s going to open up such new possibilities for you.

[Tweet “This text would send a woman you’re dating into flames of heated passion. #DatingTips”]

Ready? Here they are. Find the ones that resonate with you and send them off:

1. I want you… Now 😉

This is direct, to the point, and the winky face adds the devilishly dirty intent you have with her.

2. Two lips, two souls, one night… Can’t wait 😉

This is just plain hot. Are you kidding? This text would send a woman you’re dating into flames of heated passion. You may get raped after this text.

3. Dinner tonight, 7pm, Julio’s, dress cute… No panties 😉

This takes a great text that asks a girl out on a date and spices it up just that extra notch. I’d recommend sending this one off to a girl whom you’ve already gone out with.

4. Who said anything about being friends, lady?

This is a great Friend Zone blocking text. If she tries to Friend Zone you, then you deflect and attack back. Just like karate, but with texting.

5. A woman like you? Sounds good to me 😉

This is a great response to literally anything she says to you. It shows that you’re so taken by her that even if she says the most boring thing ever, you still want her.

6. Just thought about what I want to do to you tonight… It’s a little dirty 😉

This is a great one to warm her up early in the day for the plans you have later in the evening. Chances are your plans will change quite drastically when she finally gets her hands on you.

Remember to start slow, and pick the one that resonates with you the most first. Whip out your phone, breathe deep, and send it off to the girl you’re seeing, dating, or wanting maybe just a little more with than you did before. Let me know in the comments below how it worked out for you.

Kevin Alexander