The SW Experts | 3 Reasons to Spend Less Money On Dates
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3 Reasons to Spend Less Money On Dates

reasons to spend less money on dates

Some guys feel that they need to have a lot of money in order to date women. When a man takes a woman out,  he usually thinks about where he is going to go on his date and how much it’s going to cost.

3 Reasons to Spend Less Money on Dates

You should spend less money on dates if you are dating multiple women. 

Most men are usually dating more than one woman at a time. The more women you date actually gives you more reasons to spend less money on dates.   Lets say that you went on 3 first dates last month and spent $50 on each date, which would total $150 spent taking women out.

You’ll see if she is just using you for your money.

If a girl is really into you, she is not going to care how much money you are spending.  If she is having a good time then she is most likely into you.   Be aware of her attitude; if she seems unappreciative or upset that you are only spending $10 on the date than most likely she is not really into you and may have been using you for a free meal.

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 You may never see this woman again.

spend less money on datesWhen you go on a first date with a girl, you might realize that after talking to her and hanging out with her that you’re really not that into her. She might also realize that she is not that into you.  Realistically both of you may never want to see each other again.  Think about it, if on three dates you spent a total of $150 on a women that you never want to see again what would have been the point of spending all that money?

So, how do you take a girl out and spend less money on dates?

You can take a girl out to get  ice cream, the two of you can meet for coffee or get hot dogs from a hot dog stand.  Try creative ideas like the museum on a free night or a walk in the park and a great conversation.  Remember the point of going out on a date is for you and the girl to get to know each other, not for you to spend a lot of money.