The SW Experts | Spice up Your Marriage with Some New Sex Practices
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Spice up Your Marriage with Some New Sex Practices

Being in a long and loving marriage doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t introduce something new to the bedroom now and then. Have a talk with your spouse and see what they might be thinking about, you might be on the same page without even knowing it. It could be something simple as a bit of role play, or something much more complex, yet far more stimulating, like finding interested wife swappers and engaging in a swinging sexual practice. This article is bound to provide you with some fun and interesting ideas on how to make your marriage and your sex life a bit spicier.

A bit of BDSM might do the trick

You don’t need to go full-on leather and whips on the first try, rather opt to slowly introduce some less kinky elements of BDSM. Of course, if it goes well, there are no limits to the experimentation you can bring into the bedroom. But just to start you off, you can get going with a bit of spanking, and some light hair pulling. Check with your spouse that they are comfortable with that, and increase or lessen the strength that you are using accordingly. You can then move up to some more interesting options like bondage. Again, start slow with some silk scarves and gentle knots around wrists, and if this has the desired effect you can move up to some more intricate tying techniques and sex plays.

Two hands resting on a ledge, both wearing wedding ringsSwinging is always an option

Swinging is much less of a taboo topic today than it was in the past. It is even becoming a mainstream sex practice. This means that you can much more easily find interested parties to try swinging with. You can browse niched websites in search of perfect partners or groups, or ask for recommendations if you know couples who have engaged in this type of sex play. Just remember, don’t rush into this, talk at length with your spouse about whether or not you are ready for this kind of adventure, it is never easy to introduce someone new into a marriage, even if it is only on a physical level. But if you both agree that this is something you can really enjoy and derive pleasure from, you shouldn’t wait.

Discover the joy of role-playing

Taking on different roles is something that you and your spouse might find fun and invigorating. Whether if it’s within the BDSM practices or just simple role-playing, this type of sex play can bring back the spark into your bedroom. Start off with some easy roles, boss and secretary, a French maid or something else that you two find inspiring. You can even introduce some costumes into the role-play. They can make it a bit more dynamic and set the stage for a fun night.

A long-lasting and stable marriage needs a pinch of spice to make things a bit more interesting and fun. And to make it so, both partners need to make an effort and come up with some innovative ideas. Hopefully, the ones from this article can guide you in the right direction.