The SW Experts | Stop Keeping Score in Your Love Life
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Stop Keeping Score in Your Love Life

Keeping score in your love life is a terrible idea! If you keep track of how many times you do the dishes, or how many times your partner gives you a massage, takes out the trash, picks up the kids from school, or gets a night out with their friends, you’re both going to be miserable! Some days you’re going to be extra busy and stressed, other times your partner will be; a successful relationship requires both people to stop worrying about who is a better partner, and instead focuses on being a great one themselves. I’m serious when I say…

Stop Keeping Score in Your Love Life!

stop keeping score in your love lifeHere are a few suggestions. Make soup for your girlfriend when she is sick, clean up the kitchen because you have time, ask if your husband wants a massage after a long day of work, or do whatever you can think of to make the effort to show through action that the other person is important to you! As long as BOTH people put in time and energy, the relationship will succeed, and both people will feel appreciated. Make sure you tell your partner thank you for a great dinner, or giving the kids baths two nights in a row because you had to work late. Showing gratitude is essential, keeping a tally of how many times you deserve to be appreciated for something is not.

So, what are you going to do for your loved one tonight?