The SW Experts | Stop Lying About These 5 Things On Your Dating Profile
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Stop Lying About These 5 Things On Your Dating Profile

Kelly Seal - stop lying about these 5 things on your dating profile

If you’ve online dated, you’ve probably encountered someone who lied on his/ her profile. Maybe she pretended she was more athletic than curvy, or maybe he posted a photo from 5 years ago when he had more hair. Did you feel cheated? Probably so – maybe even enough to call your date out on the lie and refuse to meet him again.

Or maybe you were more forgiving, because you have lied yourself on your dating profile. It’s difficult to not fudge the truth, since dating has become a bit of a competitive sport, with people swiping left and right all the time, a stream of constant judgment. We don’t want to be discounted before we’ve been given a chance. We want to help ourselves stand out.

Let me let you in on a little secret – lying might help you get past a few filters in the beginning, but it will also screw you in the end. Would you want to date someone who you felt misrepresented herself, even just a little? So why would you expect your date to give you that consideration?

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The following are 5 things to stop lying about on online dating profiles:

Your body

If you don’t go to the gym more than once every month or so, don’t claim you “work out.” Guys will notice the difference between women who are athletic compared to those who spend more time on the couch. There’s no shame in how you live your life – just don’t claim to be a marathoner or Crossfit enthusiast if you’re not – you could be put to the test by your date.

Your income/ career

Most people don’t list their income on online dating profiles, but they do like to state that they are “successful” or “ambitious” without really backing those statements up. If you work a regular 9 to 5 so you can play during your down time, then there’s no need to make yourself sound like you’re a busy executive. If you live in your mother’s basement while you are running an online store, don’t claim you are a successful entrepreneur. Keep it real.

Your love of travel

Almost everyone includes this in their profile, but how true is it? When I’d ask my matches about their last trip or where they wanted to go next, the answer was always Las Vegas. Sure, it’s fun to go gambling and drinking, but if you are a traveler, you like to explore different cultures, foods, and terrains. You don’t just want to go to Vegas. If you go to the same place every time you have a holiday, don’t say you like to travel.

Your height or weight

Most of us have encountered people who post old photos, or fudge their weight by 20 pounds, or add a couple of inches to their height. Just because everyone does it – please don’t continue the trend. Be honest. Don’t start off with someone on the wrong foot. It will be obvious you lied when you meet in person.

What you are looking for

This is often overlooked, because people feel they need to keep their profiles casual so they don’t scare potential dates. The problem is, if you really like someone and want a relationship, how do you proceed? Instead of playing coy, be upfront about wanting a relationship. That doesn’t mean you are auditioning husbands for a first date. It just means that this is your goal in dating.

Happy dating!