The SW Experts | Surviving Valentines Day Single
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Surviving Valentines Day Single



Surviving Valentines Day SingleValentine’s Day is almost upon us. No matter how much we promise ourselves that “this year it’s not going to be a big deal,” for some reason it always becomes stressful day. Why do we do this to ourselves? Seriously, why do we care so much about how society says we should be, what we should do, and how we should feel on Valentine’s Day? It’s time to create a new tradition for ourselves by ‘finding the fun’ on Valentine’s Day. Here are some tips for surviving Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awareness Day

Surviving Valentines Day Single:

1. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself! Is there something fun that you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t done yet? There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day! Go to a spa, get a massage, try a new restaurant, buy yourself a bunch of chocolates and satisfy your sweet tooth… pamper yourself! Valentine’s Day is about love, affection, and appreciation. Who says that love, affection, and appreciation can’t be directed at oneself?

2. Mingle With Other Singles

Surviving Valentines Day SingleYou aren’t going to be the only single person without a date this Valentine’s Day. Find a local event where other singles will be hanging out. See if your town has any singles events or gatherings that aren’t ‘couples specific’ that may be fun to attend. If you don’t feel comfortable going alone, bring a friend along, and mingle with other singles together. You can even be each other’s wingman/wingwoman and introduce each other to interesting guys and gals that you meet while you’re out and about.

3. Do Something Fun With Friends

If you’re not feeling especially flirty this Valentine’s Day, do something non-Valentine’s Day-related and plan a hang session with friends instead. Whether it’s going out for cocktails or staying in and watching your fave movies, you’re sure to have a good time with your nearest and dearest.

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4. Go On A Date

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Rather than wallowing in self-pity over the fact that you are dateless this Valentine’s Day, why not plan or accept a date with your crush and join the masses who are also on dates. If you do choose to go on a first date (or early date) with someone new, remember to keep things fun and not overly serious. Think outside the box and be creative. Your Valentine’s date can be anything from a fancy dinner and an art show to burgers and bowling. Plan something fun that you’ll both feel comfortable doing…something that won’t put too much Valentine’s pressure on either of you.

5. Put A Positive Spin On The Day

What are you grateful for? What are you able to do as a single person that you couldn’t do if you were in a relationship? We sarcastically call Valentine’s Day ‘Singles Awareness Day’ like it’s a bad thing. If you can spin the ‘singles awareness negativity’ into a positive experience that focuses on the perks of singlehood, the day can become an amazing celebration of your single status. It’s all about changing your mindset!

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, choose to enjoy the day. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t accomplish anything except wasting the day! Have fun and choose to celebrate your affection for friends, family, crushes, and above all…yourself. You deserve it!

Hugs and Singles Awareness Love,
Erin ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ 🙂