The SW Experts | That Almost Becky with Great Hair
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That Almost Becky with Great Hair


Leave it to Beyonce to create a worldwide search for Becky. Speculation is that the Becky in question not only has great hair, but also has enjoyed a little bedroom time with Bey’s man. Thanks to her song, listeners believe there’s a strong possibility that she, like many other lots less popular humans, is the victim of a cheater.

If speculation is true, Becky must live under a rock if she didn’t know Beyonce was in the picture. Of course the Becky in question knew Jay Z. was married, but a lot of times most Beckys are clueless that her guy has a spouse waiting at home.

Perhaps being an unintentional Becky almost happened to you- it almost happened to me.

One of the most exciting things about online dating is the encounter with the potential date that looks perfect on paper. The thrill grows as you begin chatting with the prospect, and the exchange is amazing. I had such a conversation with Alan, an Ivy-educated businessman. The conversation with him was easy; from the pitfalls of living in Manhattan to college football. He was a lot of fun, and as a bonus Alan was one handsome, athletic man. After chatting online for a couple days, Alan suggested we meet. Totally in agreement, I suggested a few dates and times the following week to meet up. I waited for a response. And I waited. And I waited some more. I went online the following morning only to discover that Alan had blocked me. Alan obviously had other plans, including a forever-vanishing act.

[Tweet “Leave it to Beyonce to create a worldwide search for Becky! @CraigRogersNYC”]

Or so he thought…

I knew enough about him to give me at least a 50% shot of success of finding him. Thanks to remembering his name and profession, Google led me right to him. I found that he was 100% honest about his career and education. When it comes to living on the East Side of Manhattan… unless there’s a 73rd and Madison in Cleveland, Ohio he wasn’t honest about that. He also neglected to tell me how he’s a board member of his children’s Hebrew School and the photo of Alan and his wife definitely showed that he has great taste.

My 50% chance of finding my online “date” led me to a 100% realization that I had dodged becoming Becky.

For most of us, our mission in the dating world is that one date with one special someone will lead to two, to more, and to a relationship. Online dating expedites that process, but at times leaves us feeling like we did or do something wrong when the perfect candidate rejects us after getting to know a little bit more than stated in our profiles.

When someone online is dishonest about his or her current relationship status, it isn’t about you- it’s about the desire to find a willing Becky.

It’s easy to be disappointed when someone perfect on paper doesn’t translate to the in-person. Smart daters know that it’s better to move on to another profile that’s just as intriguing if not more so. Smart daters know that no matter how great a profile may seem, it means nothing when the person attached cannot deliver your endgame of a relationship. Smart relationship-orientated daters know not to become a Becky.