The SW Experts | The (actually awesome) advent calendar she’ll love
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The (actually awesome) advent calendar she’ll love



Remember those colorful advent calendars you got as a kid? Even though they were probably filled with cheap kids chocolate the thrill of opening one box every day was amazing! Here’s how you can totally bring awesome back for you partner this Christmas.


Start by grabbing an actually cool advent calendar

These are pretty easy to find and add some serious style.


Alternatively some smart person realised that they can do all the work for you by making bonbons with numbers on them! If you’re really crafty you could even make some of these yourself.

Choose Sweet Sweets

The easiest thing to put in the calendar is lollies/chocolates and it’s easy to find a theme to stick with such as:

  • Old school favorites
  • Handmade lollies
  • Gourmet Belgian chocolate

Some other options include:

  • Cool fridge magnets or other novelty items in home style shops
  • Put a few experiences in there like ‘shoulder massage’ or something less PG-13 rated…
  • Romantic love notes

Wrap it like a boss

Avoid the acid-trip reindeer wrapping paper and get something an adult will like. This totally finishes off the look and feel and makes this a present totally worth having.

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Make it memorable

Go that extra mile and make it fun for them to receive by:

  • Secretly stash it in the mailbox and wait till they find it themselves (epic surprise).
  • Make it the prize at the end of a treasure hunt
  • Go into a homewares store where you bought the advent calendar from and ask the owner if they can help you ‘pull off a romantic surprise for you partner’. Place your unwrapped advent calendar on their shelf, as though it’s just another item for sale, and come back later that day with your partner where you’ll ‘stumble across it’. Make it obvious that you’re buying it but then head out for a coffee and give it to her straight away – the look of surprise as they wonder how you pulled it off will be priceless!