The SW Experts | The art of communication: how to meet a girl
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The art of communication: how to meet a girl

Probably, every man asked himself at least once: “How to start a conversation with a girl? How to make a girl interested in me?” Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to find a girlfriend is to do on the web. Of course, communicating online is much easier. But visual contact can’t be replaced by chatting on a dating site; meeting in person is crucial for building relationships. We have gathered some useful information with the help of our friends from the international dating site.

So, how to get acquainted with a girl?

First of all, you must understand that you can start a conversation with a lady everywhere: at the bus stop, in the park, store, and so on. If the girl shows interest in you, don’t miss your chance. Anyway, practice gives you experience in communication and self-confidence. And the last one is an indispensable attribute of a real man. Come up with your own phrase to begin a conversation. For example, ask if she is waiting for someone, or ask her to explain how to get to some place, like the nearest grocery store. Be sure to speak clearly and distinctly. And try not to approach too fast not to violate her personal space. It’s better to keep a half meter distance.

Don’t ask about the girl’s age right from the start – it’s tactless. You’ll find out not only how old the girl is, but also the date of her birth later.gde-poznakomitsya-s-parnem-legche-vsego-1-4 Use humor when communicating. The most precious gift of nature is a cheerful and kind mind, so show that you have one. By making a girl laugh, you’ll “disarm” her and add some informality to your communication. The main thing here is not to start using sarcasm. It can scare your new companion away. Don’t be afraid that she won’t talk to you. If a girl is really beautiful, it doesn’t mean that she is unapproachable. Maybe she’s been waiting for a guy like you for all her life. And if not, don’t worry. Having got a refusal, don’t lose heart, it’s just a signal to continue the search. And in no case should you be rude in return. Remember: negative experience is also an experience.

When starting to talk to a girl, try to be positive. Easy and informal style of communication will attract a girl to you. Just talk less about yourself; no one likes egoists. If she keeps asking you herself, try to avoid answering. Girls have always been a bit mysterious, and they like mysteries themselves. When speaking to a lady, call her by name as often as possible. It will add intimacy to the communication. When saying compliments, be sincere. Women often feel falsehood and perfectly recognize lies.

When meeting a girl, watch her closely

One of the basic rules when communicating with a girl is the right choice of a topic for conversation. If you see that your companion listens inattentively, start talking about something else. To understand where to turn the conversation to, you need to monitor her reaction closely. The knowledge of body language can help you with this: if the girl is relaxed, begins to shake her foot, and looks at one point, especially if not on you, she is clearly bored. And if she crosses her arms, she wants to stop the conversation right now. But if the girl bends in your direction and opens her eyes wide, she is interested.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so if the girl is interested in communicating with you, her pupils will expand, and if she’s in no mood, the pupils will narrow. During the first conversation, the formation of the first impression plays an important role. If the overall impression is favorable, this leads to a positive evaluation of the companion. If not, and the first impression is unfavorable, negative evaluations will prevail. And you won’t get any further. In any case, one must bear in mind that girls also want to meet someone and attract the attention of the guy they like, but they don’t know how to do it. Many of them are in search, and maybe they are looking for you.