The SW Experts | The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Right in Three Simple Steps
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Mr. Right

The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Right in Three Simple Steps

Man-ifesting Mr. Right

When it comes to manifesting anything we are faced with a very hard to swallow concept. Yet once you get this, once you learn this incredibly simple formula and you see that it works, it immediately changes everything. It’s like living in the dark for years and suddenly someone comes along and switches the light on and right away you can not only see but everything just makes perfect sense –life becomes so much easier, simpler and joyful. But before we get to that point we are face with a very daunting task. It is the problem of FAITH.

Faith is really a huge ask isn’t it? Having faith, especially when it comes to love, when it comes to opening ourselves up to the possibility of hurt and heartbreak, faith can seem simply out of reach.

And this is where I come in.

This is where my secret MAN-ifesting formula breaks down a seemingly insurmountable task into 3 simple steps that really work. Because faith is such a big deal, it can’t be bought over the counter and it can’t be borrowed. Faith is a muscle, it needs to be learnt and then built over time, faith needs a safe and nurturing environment in which to flourish and take root. My system therefore really is an art, it is a daily, ongoing practice of building faith and slowly coming to believe until one day you get to a place where you simply know that you can have everything that you want in a relationship. It’s basically the same as knowing that when you flip that switch the light will come on and actually how and why it comes on doesn’t really matter. That is a job for the scientists. Your job is simply to flip the switch. That’s it. Simple.

So, what are the three steps?

These three steps follow a simple path that ultimately leads to a whole new way of living and loving that gets you exactly what you want and deserve. It produces results beyond your wildest dreams. It goes like this…

Step One: The Past

We start with the past. You have to clear away what hasn’t worked, face the truth of what has really happened and be willing to let it all go. This is where you stop blaming men, you face yourself and your choices and actions and behaviour head on. You find out your specific patterns and your major blind spot when it comes to men and relationships. You get rid of resentment and fear. You get to see that it is not men who are to blame; it is you that has the problem when it comes to relationships. We look at the unconscious; negative stories that are running your dating life and how they are holding you back from finding love. This process of coming into self-awareness and owning your part immediately builds faith because it reveals that the only thing getting in the way of manifesting Mr. Right – is you.

Step Two: The Future

This next phase is where we change the course of your life. Forever. Having cleared away the past and let go of all of those negative stories and beliefs we literally create the future path of your love life. We design and build your perfect man, and you’re your ideal relationship from the inside out. Using the power of images and words we create a powerful vision of how you want your life to be, exploring who you are, what you believe in and what truly makes you feel joy. This process builds self-esteem, it shows you your true value and your values, and it creates a magnetic landing pad for Mr. Right to MAN-ifest upon.

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Step Three: The Present

Now, having created a crystal clear vision of your desired man and relationship, we will take the actions to MAN-ifest him. As your confidence and faith grow, the first 2 steps will start to take effect and you will notice incredible results, you will suddenly see all the amazing and available men that are on offer, all around you on a daily basis. The light will go on. You will understand your power, you will be the one in the driving seat, you will be deciding which of these men is worthy of you – not the other way around!

And then BAM! HE will arrive. The man of your dreams will MAN-ifest. And how will you know it’s really him? Because… it will be so simple, so easy, yet deliciously exciting. There will be none of the issues that you have had in relationships before. You won’t need to worry about who is going to call who and when. About silly games, or playing hard to get. You will be in flow. With each other.

This is the way of faith, not fear. It is a way that really works. What are the results? So far, the results of this specific 3 step system – if you follow it and keep going and don’t give up – are a 100% success rate. This is as high as it gets. This really speaks for itself. This means that every single person, who has undertaken and seen through this process with me, has found love –both within themselves and also with a partner. The time frame varies, the shortest so far is 3 months, the longest is 18 months, but the important thing is that it always works.

Faith never fails.

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